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Aamer’s unedited version of column for Scottish Sun Sunday 16th February 2013


So there we have it George Osborne, Etonian, Tory Chancellor popped up to tell us rebellious Scots that if we dare vote for Independence come September, then we won’t get to keep the pound.

Just remember that this is the same scrounger who remortgaged a country mansion he already owned to claim back £100,000 of tax payers money to pay the interest. Meanwhile 177 coalition MPs who voted for the bedroom tax after claiming up to £25k in accommodation taxes are now joined by their Labour pals in telling Scots to get stuffed on a possible currency union.

Every day is now full of Westminster’s arrogant bullying and patronising put downs, but if we are such benefit junkies draining the lifeblood out of England then why are they so desperate to hold onto us?

Scotland, the North or the poor has never been a priority after all it’s only two years ago in a speech on Welfare that Cameron declared ‘Frankly….theres no money left’ yet when it came to the Tory heartlands overwhelmed with floods the mantra this week was ‘ Money is no object!’.

Tories, Labour and ‘Mini Me’ Tories are so busy criticising the SNP about not having a plan B if there is no currency union, but where is their own plan A? If Westminster is saying no to a currency union then Georgie Porgie can’t have it both ways.

If we are not allowed to have the pound and a share of the UK’s assets then why should the people of Scotland pay its share of UK’s liabilities i.e. £1.6 trillion debt.  A debt that most people Scottish or English had nothing to do with but Georgie’s banker pals had everything to do with.

Since when did the pound just belong to England anyway- check your bank notes what do you see?  Think of how many countries around the world chose to use the pound as a currency without Westminster’s permission.

If we do choose to go it alone and keep our Pound- what is Osborne going to do send his army in to invade us?

The Chancellor bases his opinion on advice tendered to him by Sir Nicolas MacPherson permanent secretary to the Treasury since 2005- turns out he was also educated at Eton like most of Cameron’s front bench.

This so called ‘impartial’ adviser is actually a civil servant paid for by our taxes receiving a healthy £176,000 which disappointed him as he thought he could have ‘earned more as a town clerk’.

I was always led to believe that that the men in grey suits, trusted civil servants have no role to play in the nation’s politics (a bit like the Royals!), seems that’s not true anymore. Nicolas didn’t even bother to inform our Scottish Government, yet agreed to have his letter publicised by the Chancellor in Edinburgh this week.

The Unionists claim to be focussing our minds on fiscal policies and currency unions, but all this from parties that have given the people of Scotland nothing but grief, austerity, poverty and catastrophic economic policies.

Could you imagine anything more depressing then waking up the day after the referendum, switching on the TV to watch the smarmy patronising mugs of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband celebrating victory and left thinking what if?

Come September the choice is ours, we can agree to business as usual with the toffs and their snouts in the trough frogmarching us into another general election Tory massacre or we could vote yes and finally mould the kind of society that actually offers us hope.



Sadly this week an 11 month old girl Ava-Jayne was mauled to death by a banned Pittbull called ‘killer’- No punishment will ever match the grief and guilt her mother will carry for the rest of her life but under our present laws nothing is likely to happen to her. (Under present laws as the death happened in a private dwelling no action can be taken otherwise it would be a two year sentence outdoors)

Each time this happens the same question arises- why keep ‘killer dogs’ under the same roof as a young child? When you’re out in a park some mad dog of its leash chases after your screaming child, the response is invariably ‘oh he won’t hurt’.

We pride ourselves on being a nation of dog lovers but what about our children? 23 Years ago the Government cobbled together the Dangerous Dogs Act, too many children have died or been permanently scarred since- Now is the time to update it.

Dare to keep such dogs in the same house as a child then go to prison, want to take them out ‘un-muzzled’ then go to prison, take them of a leash then go to prison. Better safe than sorry.