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Aamer Anwar and Co., is one of Scotland’s major criminal defence solicitors. We can defend you at all levels of the court’s process in the country, from Summary courts all the way through to the High Court and Supreme Court, which enables us to represent people in West Kilbride. We continuously work to elevate our company by expanding our practical knowledge and professional relationships. By working relentlessly to keep up to date with the progressive intricacy of the law, we can take on cases of any size over numerous disciplines.

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The collaboration between countries on the subject of the exchange of persons accused of crimes is more common than it ever has been. If the government accept a request and identify the relevant person within their territory, they could very well comply.

British law is problematic enough, but whenever you add the laws of a foreign judicial system it will become a lot more complicated. Whether you live in West Kilbride or elsewhere, our solicitors have founded vital partnerships with international lawyers, as well as sharpening their unique capabilities, to ensure that they are able to defend you regardless of how hopeless your situation may feel.


The 2002 ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ has granted the government unprecedented power in terms of seizing resources belonging to charged criminal individuals or enterprises. We are familiar with the methods that governing bodies utilise to guarantee they obtain as much money as they can and we have broad experience in preventing them.

It is crucial to us that your rights under the law are protected and that you do not need to relinquish a penny more than necessary. To guarantee this, we will build a team more than capable of dealing the particulars of your case. We will conduct our own investigation; we do not simply take the court’s conclusion.


Successful allegations of murder and violent assault have the potential to carry severe sentences, and possessing the unrivalled defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be an important resource. If you live in West Kilbride or elsewhere, by getting in contact with us without delay, you will give yourself the greatest prospects for a solid, speedy, and discrete result.

In investigations of violence, particularly murder, the police interrogation will help to dictate the whole direction of the final sentence. We have numerous lawyers specifically for this occasion, who will make sure you do not adversely influence your court case by misspeaking.


If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault that has resulted in an injury, you might be entitled to compensation. Through cooperation with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have combined our expertise and resources to develop a service that you can be sure gives you the best chance of winning your case.

We appreciate that if any sort of incident has caused the loss of life or permanent disability of a loved one, then no sum of money will improve your situation, but it can help with the financial problems that can so commonly result soon after unfortunate accidents.


Being charged with a sex crime will take a mental toll on top of any sentence you might receive. From suggestions of misconduct, to sexual assault, or even sexual abuse of minors, we will work tirelessly and utilise every advantage available to us to produce the most effective result possible.

While cases like this can be challenging to tackle, and whilst the associated evidence can be comparatively unusual, our team has the working experience needed to perform effectively. The expertise our lawyers have with regards to sex crime will become clear as the case goes on, and we will help keep you entirely up-to-date at all times.


If you are in West Kilbride or elsewhere and are facing a criminal charge is demanding and unpleasant, irrespective of the criminal offence in question. Knowing that you have got the best lawyers for the task at hand behind you, however, can make the entire process significantly more manageable.

In our endeavor to preserve justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have become well acquainted with several areas within criminal law, and have developed multiple critical collaborative partnerships to make certain your case receives the finest representation across Scotland.

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Because of the extensive and consistently changing world of employment legislation, it is all too simple to find yourself abruptly on the defending end of a tribunal or civil court. You have to ensure that the legal team representing you have the skills to serve you adequately; fortunately, our team of specialised employment law Glasgow solicitors will always be ready.

We can likewise provide assistance to human resource departments and personnel, helping to guarantee company is in compliance with British employment legislation. Our team will keep you right with recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our firm’s immigration law team of Glasgow solicitors have labored hard to build their remarkable reputation. They have assured that all of their clients throughout Scotland gets the counsel they need and remains fully up to date of their situation during the entire process. We can collaborate either with individuals, or with commercial clients.

Applying for the right to residence in Great Britain can be a costly and prolonged procedure. Naturally, it isn’t something you would want to undertake a second time. We will customise our service to match your precise needs. Our immigration lawyers will help to ensure you get a win on your initial try whether you are in West Kilbride or somewhere else.|When carrying out a high priced procedure, such as applying for residency or citizenship in the United Kingdom, it is vital you obtain the outcome you need on your first try. That is the reason our experience is so important; by putting together a plan personalised for your personal circumstances, we will give you the best possible chance of a win whether you are in West Kilbride or somewhere else.}


Every once in awhile a cause comes along that is worth making a sacrifice for. Due to being a politically active firm, we realise this a lot more than most, and have witnessed in person the bullying strategies that the police will use to move along legal protests.

It is an honour to say that our practice is the first that lots of political activists go to when they face legal consequences. Standing up for freedom of expression and assembly is at the core of our business beliefs, and you can be sure that our Glasgow solicitors will be behind you from beginning to end any time you need us.|As a result of our fantastic record and reputation for our engagement with politics, many activists facing legal repercussions come to us for support. Making a stand for the public’s right to peaceful demonstration is close to the hearts of our Glasgow solicitors, and by utilising a mixture of this determination and our working experience, you can be positive your situation is in good hands.}


Throughout the years, people have come to count on our lawyers to keep them right in regards to criminal appeals. Our lawyers have the understanding and working experience to, firstly, give guidance on whether you should undertake an appeal at all. If we conclude that you should go ahead, you can then rely upon us to produce a result.

Our solicitors in Glasgow will pursue every last opportunity for appeal, meaning we will review whether you benefitted from adequate representation, looking for new evidence which was not available throughout your first trial, and cooperating with Scotland’s best appeal experts to make certain that you receive the justice you are entitled to.


Anyone with experience in a sector which requires specific licenses to operate, will be familiar with the endless hoops you ordinarily must jump through to meet the criteria. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi paperwork, to industry-specific permits, whether you live in West Kilbride or elsewhere you can trust that our team of lawyers will make the ordeal as simple as it can be.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors give you reliable guidance and explain the complexities of the law in question to you, but we can also represent you at local council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to ensure you enjoy the best potential for success.


Many businesses hire very capable and reliable lawyers to meet their day-to-day necessities, but that does not mean they are at all qualified to defend you against criminal prosecutions. ‘White collar’ or corporate crime requires specialist expertise. The discipline is significantly different in comparison to ‘traditional’ crime, and demands particular understanding in this sector of criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors secured a win in a broad variety of corporate cases, but our lawyers are also allied with Scotland’s most accomplished tax and IT specialists who can analyse your specific circumstances and the prosecution’s case for anything useful to us.


The severe increase in terrorist activity in our time has led to the government granting itself fresh abilities to handle the situation. Unfortunately, this has resulted in numerous mislabeled people becoming engaged in accusations and investigations that are unjust.

Our solicitors have worked hard to acquaint ourselves with this new legislation, together with the new powers that were given to the police. As is made clear by the variety of high profile cases we have dealt with, we will overcome injustice and harassment to ensure innocent individuals are not affected by the crossfire of the law.


Technological crimes are a relatively new but increasingly notable aspect of British law, and we rapidly realised it was vital that our solicitors in Glasgow became comfortable with the processes involved. Our specialist cybercrime lawyers, therefore, have seen remarkable success in numerous cases and can represent clients in West Kilbride and across Scotland.

Cybercrime is an umbrella term which consists of a variety of criminal offences including online stalking/harassment, hacking, and possessing indecent images. Aamer Anwar and Co’s team will collaborate closely with you and, when beneficial, any useful technical specialists we are associated with, to ensure that you obtain a highly effective defence.


By law, an official investigation will invariably happen whenever an accidental death takes place. If your company is connected for whatever reason and is ‘invited’ to an inquiry such as this, then you ought to immediately arrange proper representation.

If you are asked to act as a witness in an inquiry like this, you will be asked about your knowledge of the incident, along with your comprehension of any legal guidelines which may have averted the accident. Obviously, this may result in legal consequences, which we are able to avert.


The earlier the media gets news circulated, the more money they will obtain. Because of this, solid journalism is often sacrificed in the name of haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do everything possible to handle this, by sorting out an injunction against the story or by ensuring the at fault publications have to release follow up apologies and amendments.

The sooner the media gets news revealed, the more profit they can generate. Consequently, satisfactory journalism is frequently sacrificed to prioritise speed. Our Glasgow solicitors will do anything possible to tackle this, by setting up an injunction against the story or by ensuring the liable publications are forced to release follow-up apologies and amendments.


Our knowledgeable drug crime lawyers have a wealth of skill and knowledge in terms of dealing with all sorts of drug-related violations such as possession, supply, trafficking, or production. However serious the charge is, you can be positive we will always treat both you and your case with the utmost respect and thought.

The government is tough on drug crime, and punishments can carry a harsh sentence. Even so, our expert drug criminal lawyers have the expertise and assets to manage anything they are confronted with.


There are various road-related violations which can promptly place you before a judge, and proper guidance is crucial when it comes to keeping you on the road. Whether you have been charged with bad/dangerous driving, drunk driving, or some other charge like driving without a license or insurance, if you are in West Kilbride or somewhere else our road law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have working experience in addressing the specific charge.

Throughout the years our lawyers have taken on countless cases on behalf of taxi drivers, making sure they hold on to their license as well as their profession. whenever the stakes are extremely high, you have to be sure you employ the best.


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