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For the very finest criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, there is no other option than Aamer Anwar and Co. We are among Scotland’s major criminal defence solicitors and represent in every single courtroom in the country, which means we can act for individuals in Larkhall. We don’t feel there is ever a reason to stop developing, which is the reason why we strive every single day to expand our expertise in our industry and our circle of professionals within it which we can cooperate with.

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There is an increasing amount of cohesiveness between nations in regards to exchanging supposed criminals. This nation’s authorities are more ready than ever before to satisfy international demands for extradition of people within the UK.

British law is complicated enough, but once you bring in the laws of an external legal system it gets far more tricky. Regardless of whether you live in Larkhall or elsewhere, our solicitors have established critical relationships with overseas lawyers, in addition to perfecting their individual skills, in order to ensure that they are able to make a stand for you no matter how stacked the odds against you may appear.


In 2002, the government approved itself brand new opportunities to take unprecedented amounts of assets from people and enterprises charged with a crime. Our firm has familiarised itself with each of the relevant strategies in order to make sure we can tackle them.

By putting together a tailor-made team which accommodates your individual needs, we are able to harness our combined expertise to ensure that you don’t need to give up a penny more than you have to. We have learned not to just accept the court’s consensus on the criminal revenue you have gained.


Having the correct legal assistance when facing a serious charge like violence or murder essential. It is vital that you make contact with our solicitors whether you are in Larkhall or elsewhere the second you become aware of the charge to increase the chances of everything being resolved promptly and discreetly.

In investigations of violence, especially murder, the police interrogation will help to influence the complete direction of the criminal charge. We have numerous lawyers especially for this occurrence, who will make sure you do not negatively affect your court case by misspeaking.


If you were involved in an accident that was out of your control that has ended in an injury, then you may qualify for compensation. Through cooperation with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have joined together our expertise and assets to produce a service which you can be sure offers you the best possibility of success.

If you have suffered the death or lasting disability of a loved one, we understand that money won’t make things right. Nonetheless, a lump sum in compensation can help to you to handle the resulting financial chaos from a lost wage.


Sex crime claims are extremely serious, and you should organise defence quickly. From allegations of misconduct, to sexual assault and paedophilia, they will all induce significant distress for the accused and their family and friends. Regardless of the charge, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you obtain the very best outcome.

While allegations of this nature can be tricky to tackle, and while the evidence concerned can be fairly unusual, our lawyers has the skill required to operate appropriately. The expertise our lawyers have with regards to sex crime will become clear as the case goes on, and we will help keep you fully informed at all times.


If you are in Larkhall or elsewhere and are confronting a criminal charge is demanding and intimdating, regardless of the crime in question. Knowing that you have got the top people for the job beside you, however, will make the overall process much more manageable.

In our attempt to defend justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have become familiar with numerous areas within criminal law, and have founded multiple vital collaborative relationships to make certain your case obtains the absolute best representation across Scotland.

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The complexity of employment law means that it is not out of the ordinary for employers to find themselves in tribunals or civil courts. At that point, it is critical that you get sound representation. Our employment law team of Glasgow solicitors can physically represent you, and make sure your case goes as fluidly as it can.

We can likewise provide support to HR departments and personnel, helping to make sure your enterprise is in compliance with all British employment legislation. Our team will keep you right with recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our organisation’s immigration law team of Glasgow solicitors have labored tirelessly to develop their impressive reputation. They have assured that every one of their clients throughout Scotland obtains the representation they are entitled to and remains fully informed of their case throughout the process. Our firm can cooperate both with individuals, or with businesses.

Applying for residency in Britain is often a pricey and prolonged procedure. Obviously, it is not something you will want to undergo twice. We will modify our service to accomodate your specific requirements. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get a win the first time whether you are in Larkhall or somewhere else.|When going through an expensive process, like trying to get residency or citizenship in the UK, it is essential you get the outcome you need on the initial attempt. This is the reason our service is so valuable; by developing a strategy tailored to your specific requirements, we will give you the very best possibility of a win whether you live in Larkhall or somewhere else.}


Every now and again a political cause arises which is worth making a sacrifice for. Because we are a politically active law firm, we know this a lot more than most, and have seen upfront the harassment strategies that the police will employ to suppress lawful demonstrations.

We are proud of the fact that our firm is the first that many political activists come to whenever they are dealing with legal consequences. Taking a stand for freedom of speech is at the core of our business values, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from beginning to end whenever you need us.|Due to our brilliant record and reputation for our involvement with politics, many activists facing legal consequences come to us for assistance. Defending people’s right to peaceful protest is vital to our Glasgow solicitors, and with a mixture of this determination and our practical experience, you can be sure your situation is in good hands.}


Throughout the years, people have come to depend upon us to assist them when it comes to criminal appeals. Our team has the skill and working experience to, to begin with, give advice on whether you should undertake an appeal at all. If we deduce that the answer is yes, you can then depend upon us to produce a result.

There is a perplexing number of factors as to why an appeal may be pursued, but our solicitors in Glasgow are confident with them all. Our lawyers will work tirelessly until every last option has been exhausted. This will necessitate searching for new evidence, examining your original court case, and cooperating with Britain’s foremost appeal experts.


Anyone with experience in a sector which requires governmental licenses to operate, will be well acquainted with the never-ending hoops you often have to jump through to be considered. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi licenses, to industry-specific permits, whether you live in Larkhall or elsewhere you can rest assured our lawyers will make the procedure as simple as it can be.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors provide sound guidance and outline the ins and outs of the law in question to you, but we’ll also represent you at council panels and the Burgh Halls to be sure you enjoy the greatest probability of victory.


Many businesses hire very capable and trustworthy lawyers to serve their day to day demands, but that does not mean they are at all qualified to safeguard you against criminal allegations. ‘White collar’ or corporate crime necessitates specialist knowledge. It is extremely different when compared to ‘traditional’ crime, and requires specific awareness in this branch of criminal law.

Using our white collar-specialised Glasgow solicitors together with their relationships with the country’s foremost forensic accountants as well as tax and IT specialists, we will put together a team who will be perfectly qualified to pick apart the case of whatever accusatory body is trying to charge you.


Terrorism is proving to be the story {of this time}, and it does not appear to be calming down. In the government’s endeavor to stop this phenomenon, many innocent people have been unnecessarily charged and in some cases found guilty.

In an effort to fight this unjust situation, our solicitors have worked hard to position our practice at the leading edge of terrorist law legal defence. By getting to know the fresh offences, along with the new powers offered to the police, we will reduce this growing level of harassment ensuring that justice is protected.


Electronic offences are a comparatively modern addition of law, and for that reason many law practices haven’t taken the time to completely grasp and understand it. We have built a dedicated team of solicitors in Glasgow who have got the technical, legal, and tactical knowledge they need to deliver results for clients across Scotland, in Larkhall and elsewhere.

Cybercrime is a broad term which covers a selection of offences like online stalking/harassment, hacking, and possessing indecent photographs or videos. Aamer Anwar and Co’s team will collaborate closely with you and, when beneficial, any useful technological specialists we are connected with, to guarantee you receive a highly effective defence.


In response to accidental death, there will be a mandatory investigation concerning the conditions which led to the fatality. If you, or your company, is ‘invited’ to an inquiry of this kind, it is essential you find appropriate legal guidance as fast as possible.

You may not always be in any type of trouble , but you also might be without proper support. You will have to answer questions regarding the exact reasons for the incident, together with your knowledge of any relevant legal guidelines. Without support, you may make yourself vulnerable to consequences.


The quicker the media gets news revealed, the more cash they will make. Because of this, good journalism is routinely forfeited to prioritise haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do everything they can to handle this, by preparing an injunction against the story or by ensuring the liable publications are forced to publish subsequent apologies and corrections.

There are several things that media law offices need to think about, and individual circumstances vary from situation to situation. This is why we supply tailor-fit strategies to support your particular needs and spending plan. Our focused team of specialists will guarantee that your good reputation gets the protection it deserves.


Our skilled drug crime lawyers have a great deal of expertise and knowledge when it comes to handling all sorts of drug-related violations including possession, supply, trafficking, or production. However major the charge is, you can be certain we will always take care of both you and your case with the utmost value and thought.

Drug crimes can result in substantial prison sentences, even for small offences, so it is essential that you get in touch with one of our drug criminal lawyers with the total strength of our substantial resources behind them.


Ending up on the defencive end of a road law charge can change your life significantly. Making one error on the road can result in you facing repercussions that can leave your license in danger. Whether you are in Larkhall or elsewhere, our traffic law solicitors in Glasgow have handled every manner of case from drunk driving, bad or dangerous driving, or driving without a license, providing us with a lot of precious and practical experience.

Over the years our lawyers have dealt with countless cases in defence of taxi drivers, ensuring that they keep their license along with their way of life. whenever the stakes are so high, you have to be sure you hire the best.


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