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Criminal Defence Solicitors Scotland

Who We Are

We are an award-winning criminal defence solicitors Scotland firm which specialises in both national and international law.

Although we have built a reputation for our involvement in many high-profile and internationally recognised cases, we deal with legal cases of all sizes. We are committed to helping any client who is in need of our help from individual persons and professionals to companies and organisations.

From public figures and politicians to vulnerable clients such as the homeless or people dealing with drug addiction, we are responsible for hundreds of cases every year, and our clients can always count on our full commitment regardless of who they are.

We have been involved in many cases where a tiny piece of evidence has been sufficient to turn the entire investigation on its head. In order to make sure we never miss any avenue which might win a case for us, our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team are meticulous.

The fantastic team that we have built within the firm is led by the accomplished Aamer Anwar, and we all share the following commitments when handling a case:

  • Strategic thinking is vital
  • All of our data and documentation is organised perfectly.
  • Our litigation style is both robust and determined.
  • We will seek out the very best counsel from relevant professionals whenever required.

We will go to any length required in order to ensure an ideal outcome for you, so long as it is within the relevant rules and regulations of the law. Regardless of what client we are in defending, we always operate under the assumption that is so often forgotten: you are innocent until proven guilty.

Dealing with a criminal accusation can bring about a lot of stress, and we are fully aware that many investigations will be into very delicate matters. It is important that you keep in mind that we are not fazed by anything and will treat your case with the utmost discretion and care.

About Aamer

Together with his experienced criminal defence solicitors Scotland team, Aamer has been defending the civil liberties of people throughout Scotland and the rest of the world for over three decades. Over the years he has built a reputation for representing a huge variety of clients and causes.

Aamer’s fantastic work has been rewarded with recognition by a number of awarding bodies. To name a few recent honours, he has been named Lawyer of the Year at the Scottish Legal Awards in 2017 and ‘Solicitor of the Year’ at the Herald’s Law Awards of Scotland in 2016 and 2018.

In 1991, Aamer was the unfortunate victim of a racially motivated assault at the hands of the police. After chasing him, they knocked out multiple teeth and told him “this is what happens to black boys with big mouths”. In 1995, Aamer successfully made a claim for compensation through civil action, making legal history.

Aamer studied law at Strathclyde University School of Law and established his own practice in 2006. He has also cemented himself as Scotland’s foremost criminal lawyer by finding success in numerous high-profile cases, finding success in situations which, on the outside, might seem hopeless.

Most recently, Aamer has represented Clara Ponsati, a Catalonian economist working at the University of St Andrews. Due to her role in the Catalonian cause, the Spanish government issued a European warrant for her arrest and requested that the Scottish government extradite her.

Clara got in touch with Aamer and his criminal defence solicitors Scotland team, and within less than four months the request was denied, and the warrant was withdrawn. This act was recognised all over Catalonia and Europe, and Aamer has since taken an increasingly involved role in the Catalonian cause.

Why Choose Us

We have dealt with countless cases of criminal cases with hugely varied circumstances. One thing that always remains the same is the stress that an investigation will bring, and our criminal defence solicitors Scotland are committed to providing necessary support each and every step along the way.

There can be no one-fits-all approach when it comes to any criminal case. The circumstances always vary which means the strategy required will be different. Knowing that our service is entirely tailored for you will give you vital peace of mind.

In many cases, specialist expertise will be required in order to make sure your case is as strong as possible. Whenever necessary, we will seek out the leading professionals in the country for their unique insight.

We also understand that it can be difficult to follow a lot of the more complex processes involved in legal cases, which can cause significant distress. Our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team will make sure that you are fully kept to speed by explaining everything in sufficient detail.

Our practice has taken on and been successful in cases at every level and at every field within criminal law. By employing us to represent you, you can take comfort in the fact that you have the very best legal minds behind you with vital resources and extensive experience.

Get in Touch

Since 2006, Aamer Anwar and Co. has built a solid reputation for providing reliable defence within all fields of criminal law. No matter how minor or severe the accusations made against you are, we will provide representation that will secure the very best outcome possible.

We see our role as more than just a job. We play an important role in protecting civil liberties, and the fact that we have been awarded so consistently for our commitment to clients is a source of great pride for our firm.

Get in touch with us today on 0141 429 7090 for more information.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Murder and Violent Crime

Accusations of murder and violent crime are incredibly serious and carry sentences which reflect this. Regardless of the circumstances, time is immediately of the essence, and the sooner you have our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team behind you the higher your chances of winning an ideal outcome.

Because of the way the court handles murder investigations, they are typically unfairly weighted against the individual accused. They will throw an incredible amount of resources at conviction which often dwarfs the funding given to a legal aid lawyer.

Our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team are able to explore numerous avenues in order to defeat a murder or violent crime charge. For example, we may be able to prove that it is just a case of mistaken identity, that you were merely acting in self-defence, or that a witness is lying for any number of reasons.

Accusations of this severity are daunting. However, our lawyers will be there to support you at every stage of the investigation. From the police interview through to the final verdict and sentencing, our personnel will be there to fight your corner and will exhaust every possible form of defence.

Drug Crime

Drug crime is very varied ranging from minor transgressions to major criminal acts. There are many factors involved including the type of substance involved, the quantity of illegal drugs, as well as precisely what the intentions of the accused are. We are ready to deal with them all:

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession with intent to supply
  • Production and supply of drugs
  • Importation and exportation
  • Cultivation of cannabis
  • Trafficking

Our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team has dealt with all manner of cases from everyday possession charges to accusations of being in charge of an extensive illegal drugs operation. No matter what situation you are in, we will provide a qualified and experienced drug lawyer with the weight of our considerable resources behind them.

A common avenue that our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team will pursue is the argument that the illicit substance in possession is for personal use. This is because no matter what drug you are charged with being in possession of, you will not see jail time if it is found not to be for supply.

In order to make this case, your legal representatives will look at all of the circumstances including all evidence available in order to argue that supplying drugs was never part of your intention.

We are meticulous in our investigation and will go through all of the forensic data, scour the specifics of witness testimonies, as well as examining mobile phone data closely.

Fraud and Corporate Crime

Not every lawyer can perform in every field. For example, you wouldn’t go to a car mechanic to fix a helicopter. The same goes for law; a very specialist form of professional, which we will provide, is required to provide a reliable and robust defence.

When you seek the representation of our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team, we will provide solid defence against the following:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Tax/VAT fraud and false accounting
  • Fraudulent trading and cartels
  • Investment fraud, money laundering, and insider training

One way of minimising your repercussions is to argue that the charge should not be criminal in the first place, but rather a civil proceeding.

We also have a specialist available that will provide vital experience and niche specialism to give the most watertight defence possible. The specialist we have available is an industry leader and unrivalled in his ability to source crucial evidence for the case.

White collar crime does not carry the severe sentences associated with violent crime, but it can result in jail time as well as putting your reputation and business in jeopardy. Our criminal defence solicitors Scotland personnel will offer crucial protection.

Rape and Sex Crime

Being involved in a rape or sex crime investigation carries a level of pressure that makes it particularly overwhelming. We appreciate this and understand how delicate the issue is. Just be sure to keep in mind that we are not fazed by this and our criminal defence solicitors Scotland personnel will treat you with respect and discretion.

Rape or penetration is not necessarily required to constitute sex crime. Additionally, the cases are often long and drawn out due to the usual lack of direct witnesses, and evidence might be sparse as investigations usually start well after the event in question.

Even more minor transgressions could result in you being put on the sex offender’s register if consent was not given which makes any accusations of this kind incredibly severe. As a result, it is crucial you employ robust representation as soon as possible.

When the court does reach a guilty verdict on a rape case, then jail time is certain for the accused. However, there is still a lot that our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team can do to keep the resulting sentence to a minimum.

Proceeds of Crime

When the Proceeds of Crime Act was introduced in 2002, it gave the government unprecedented powers to seize assets of people only accused of wrongdoings, before they received a solid conviction.

It is a grave mistake to merely accept the figure that the prosecutor will come up with in terms of what should be taken. By employing our criminal defence solicitors Scotland team to review the sum, we will examine all of the circumstances and protect your accounts and assets from being unjustly raided.

Often, when attempting to determine what an accurate ‘proceeds of crime’ figure might be, specialist expertise is required. We have industry leaders on-hand to bolster your court case, including tax and IT specialists, forensic accountants, and when required, the nation’s leading QC.

Our firm does not believe the legislation regarding proceeds of crime is fair in its current state, but our criminal defence solicitors Scotland personnel are fully prepared to offer watertight defence by cooperating with various professionals who provide the most up-to-date expertise.


We pride ourselves on our legal expertise and are often asked to review cases with a view to establishing whether there are any grounds for challenging a decision of the prosecuting authorities and/or the court, or appealing an accused’s conviction and/or sentence.

We have a record of success at Criminal Appeals, based on a thorough analysis of what goes wrong at trial, a relentless search for new evidence and extensive experience of presenting cases in the Court of Appeal.

In your Criminal Appeal-whether we acted for you in your original matter, or if you were represented by another firm, you can call upon our extensive experience to analyse your legal position.

It has become common for government ministers to claim that miscarriages of justice are a thing of the past. Yet in our experience more people are wrongly convicted today than ever before.

Criminal Appeals have become even harder to win in recent times. For 30 years governments have competed to be the toughest on crime. Successive governments have passed Acts of Parliament reducing protections for the accused and making it easier to get convictions.

Amongst some of the main provisions leading to miscarriages of justice are:

• Telling the jury about the accused’s character and other changes in the law
• Cuts in funding to pay for lawyers
• More generous funding for prosecution experts than for defence

Huge incentives have been created within the criminal justice process for those who give evidence for the Crown in such a context miscarriages of justice can occur all too easily.

On a regular basis there is talk of removing the need for ‘corroboration’ thus taking away what many consider to be protection against miscarriages of justices.

The fact is that the system is heavily weighted against the accused. Both the police and Crown Prosecution expend huge resources on investigations while legal aid lawyers are subject to limited public funding.

Meanwhile the media have campaigned relentlessly against “criminals”. No-one anticipates the effect this has on juries until it happens to them. Then it is too late.


It may be that there was a failure in representation which gives rise to a ground of appeal or that new evidence has emerged which was not available at the original trial, whatever the possible grounds we will explore all avenues for an appeal. (See our section of the website on Forensic Science)

This may involve taking Criminal Appeals all the way to the Supreme Court or assisting you to make representations to the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (“SCCRC”), and whatever your position, if you have grounds for a Criminal Appeal , we will find them and work closely with some of Scotland’s finest minds in appeal advocacy.


Need legal representation? Fill out the form below and one of our qualified legal team will be in touch to discuss your case.

I consent to Aamer Anwar & Co. collecting and storing my data from this form and using it in line with their Privacy Policy.


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