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Unedited version of column for Scottish Sun on Sunday 2nd February 2014


When they are good they are good, but when they are bad they are arrogant and abusive. Who am I talking about? The Police of course, entrusted by society to watch over us, protect us, carry weapons and given the powers of arrest and detention.

When we cry for help it’s the police we turn to, when they catch the bad guys and place themselves in harm’s way, we praise them as the world’s best.

Each successive Government falls over itself to be the party of ‘law and order’, after all why wouldn’t a Justice Secretary want to be the darling of the Police Federation and feted with standing ovations, it justifies their very existence, but it also clouds their ability to criticise and hold them to account.

When the Police get it wrong who do we complain to, in Scotland the Police still investigate the Police. Our Chief Constable Sir Stephen House QPM is the most powerful man in Scotland-paid £208,100 much more than the Prime Minister’s £142,500, he carries a huge burden of responsibility and is always on call, but surely he should be countering the idea that the Police are untouchable?

When did he last say sorry for a young officer barely out of his nappies abusing you on a public street? Or sorry for the officer who stops your law abiding teenager the right to go into town? Or sorry when an officer smashes your mobile phone which you use to film police violence. All real events and the answer to my question is never.

It all very well taking the credit for getting it right, but what about when his officers get it wrong. The Chief is in charge of a discredited and unjust police complaints system which lets bad officers off the hook whilst hounding innocent officers.

It is tainted the moment a traumatised brave young man has to go on TV to complain of the Police’s failure to investigate a vicious attack on him.

Rather than focusing on their own failure the ‘Robo Cop’ mode switches on and they go on the attack, to smear and deny.

People everywhere would have damn sight more respect for the Police if just for once they publicly said from the off that they were wrong.

Of course the Police are only human, but if they break our trust why should they not be held to account. Why is it so hard for a 21st Century Chief Constable to take responsibility for what happens on his watch and just say the word-‘Sorry’.

In 2012- 2013 you only had a 3 in a 1000 chance of your complaint against the police resulting in a successful criminal conviction, yet for some reason we heard little outrage from our politicians, Judges or prosecutors on such a low conviction rate.

Meanwhile abolition of corroboration is to being bulldozered through the criminal justice system supposedly to help every other type of victim!

After 25 years of campaigning I cannot believe in the ‘police policing the police’.

No matter how just your case, it is inevitable that an anonymous media spokesperson for Police Scotland will refuse to answer questions by claiming they can’t comment on an ‘ongoing investigation’ but will simultaneously deny any ‘wrong doing’ and press release -‘we treat all such crimes extremely seriously and will conduct a robust and independent investigation into any complaint.”

I don’t believe them do you?


So apparently there was an overwhelming vote in the House of Lords to retain the Union. That would be our unelected second chamber with no nationalists, as they chose not to be part of an elitist club for the rich and corrupt.


This second chamber which our unionists are so desperate to hold onto has its share of convicted perjurers, fire raisers, wife beaters, fraudsters, tax avoiders, dodgy party donors, gropers and Bishops.

How democratic, how representative, every day these Muppets remind us of why Scotland would be much better of leaving an archaic, corrupt and bankrupt Union.

The idea that their Lordship’s should think views represent anyone is bizarre. They are unelected with a huge number simply there because they inherited their ‘title’ from daddy or filled the coffers of some party.

They still exist because Tony Blair despite Labour’s huge landslide bottled it and failed to abolish them, this time if we don’t vote Yes for Independence then we will be left listening to these ‘hereditary’ crooks for ever.