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My column published in Scottish Sun on Sunday 9th March 2014

Today it’s Putin’s turn to be compared to Adolf Hitler, although he is a vicious thug he can’t really be compared to a thug who committed mass murder on an industrial scale, in the Ukraine alone Hitler murdered up to one million Jews.

The West is in shock because they have been so busy sticking their nose into Middle East, fighting global wars against terror, bombing countries into the dark ages, that they got used to nobody resisting its ‘New World Order’.

As a wimp at school when there were 2 bullies in a class, I would always pick a side in the hope I would be safe some of the time. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world was left with just one bully.

For 2 decades now the West has encircled Russia with NATO bases in 12 ex-Soviet states. Some of the more crazy elements in the US are now baying pray for a return to the good old days of Ronald Reagan’s senile fingers hovering over the nuclear button.

Ukraine and the West

But nobody is going to go to war, too much is at stake, never mind the Nukes, Russian tourists spend billions in Europe, 40% of the oil and gas consumed by Germany comes from Russia, whilst Europe buys 30% of its gas from Russia. Europe would grind to a halt in 4 days if Russia were to pull the plug.

There is no denying that the majority of ordinary Ukrainians were against the former rotten regime, but there is little mention of 89 police officers shot dead by snipers, or any mention of the groups of uniformed armed masked men now patrolling Kiev in the absence of the police. No mention that they wear ‘SS’ symbols and their favourite slogan is that of Adolf Hitler’s- ‘One Nation, One People’.

Americans grandstanding on ‘sovereignty’ want sanctions on Russia for occupying Crimea, but similar action against Israel for its occupation of Palestine long been opposed by them.

Of course the sovereignty of Iraq or Afghanistan didn’t matter a hoot to the US, they drop drones, turn a blind eye or assist when some military junta overthrows a democracy, they spy on all of us, engage in kidnapping, rendition and torture on land stolen from Cuba in a place called Guantanamo.  

Today the real beneficiaries of the uprising are a Nazi party ‘Svoboda’. (Their leader is pictured above seig heiling) They hold 5 key ministries in the interim government including the posts of Minister for Defence, Prosecutor General and Deputy Prime Minister.

Their party was condemned in the past by the EU for its “racist and antisemitic views”, whilst the even more extreme party ‘Right Sector’ now holds the post of Deputy National Security Chief.

80% of Crimeans are of Russian origin yet when the ultra- nationalists took power, their first step was to ban Russian as the official language spoken by a third of Ukrainians. It was out of genuine fear that the Crimeans turned to Russia, fear that those now in power are actively call for the ‘ethnic cleansing of blacks, Jews and Russians’.

The hypocrisy of Americans stinks when John Kerry saysIn the 21st century you just don’t invade countries on a completely trumped-up pretext”. They have troops in Afghanistan, illegally invaded Iraq, supplied Islamists in Syria and trained rebels in Libya who turned out to be Islamic extremists, oh the irony.

As for our very own strongman Cameron, the most radical step he has taken so far is to stop Prince Edward attending the winter Paralympics and making it harder for Russian Oligarchs to get visas and keep up their dodgy dress sense with shopping at Harrods. I suspect by next week Cameron might even go as far as to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest. Nice distractions Dave but meanwhile back home…….