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Aamer’s Column published in Scottish Sun on Sunday  7th April 2013 


So Paolo Di Canio the new manager of Sunderland finally stated “I am not a racist and I do not support the ideology of Fascism.

Maybe he has really changed, but there were some who chose to defend him by claiming Italy’s Benito Mussolini was the ‘acceptable face of Fascism’, whilst some brainless football pundits trotted out the usual cliché- ‘football should have nothing to do with politics’ except that Di Canio only had himself to blame.

As a Lazio player he made repeated Fascist salutes to his ‘Ultra fans’, openly paraded his Fascist tattoos and told Italian News in 2005 “Im a Fascist not a racist.” In his autobiography he wrote of Mussolini I think he was a deeply misunderstood individual. He deceived people. but all this was motivated by a higher purpose. He was basically a very principled individual.

He just  happened to be at the funeral of his friend senior fascist Paolo Signorelli in 2010, jailed for his involvement in a bombing that killed 85 people in 1980.

Apologists for Mussolini should remember he reached the height of his popularity with the invasions of Ethiopia and Libya, ordering poison gas to be sprayed from the air and ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands of the civilians. Mussolini set up over 30 concentration camps. In 1938 he implemented the ‘Leggi Razali’ (race laws) which ultimately led to the deportation of Italy’s Jews to the death camps.

All of which explains why the Sunderland’s war veterans and Miners saw his appointment as a disgrace and a betrayal of all who fought and died in the fight against fascism

For those complaining about his free speech, Football stars are emulated and idolised by our children so what they say and do does matter.

Fascism is a cancer which if untreated will spread, the charade of armbands proclaiming ‘Kick Racism Out of Football’ is a pointless exercise when the FIFA takes little action against the rise of the far right on our terraces across Europe.

In May 1938 the English F.A’s buffoons ordered its National team to give a Nazi salute in the direction of the ‘Fuhrer’s Box’ which contained the architects of the Final Solution, it was a picture that the Nazis used to great propaganda effect.

Di Canio is a childhood supporter of SS Lazio once the preferred club of Benito Mussolini, so when his granddaughter Alessandra Mussolini the leader of the Neo-Fascists in the Italian Parliament said she was ‘deeply moved’ by Di Canio’s fascist salute, he will also have noticed the propaganda effect.

Lazio’s violent ‘Ultra’ fans worshipped Di Canio because he emulated their extremist beliefs. He excused his Fascist salutes to fans as an ancient Roman custom but he knew exactly what it meant in the 21st Century. 

Such behaviour gave fans the confidence to bring out their Swastikas and carry ‘Ultra’ banners proclaiming “Auschwitz is your town; the gas chambers are your homes”. In November last year 9 Spurs fans were ambushed in Rome by knife wielding hooligans of Lazio’s Ultras just before a match with them, shouting ‘Jews’ as they stabbed and beat them.

There is nothing fashionable about Fascism, even if it is Italian. As far as I’m concerned this was a good week for anti-fascism and football and maybe Paolo and his ‘daft pundits’ will spare us their ‘intellect’ and just stick to football.


Mick Philpott was a ‘controlling’ evil man with a history of violence, enslaving all the women in his life, who deserves hell in prison, but Osborne had no right to exploit the deaths of 6 innocent children by linking it to benefits.

There are only 180 families with more than 10 kids on benefits in the UK according to the DWP, yet Osborne now wants families with more than two children to have their child benefit capped and driven deeper into poverty.

First we had Idiot Duncan Smith’s obsession with £53/week and now Osborne’s obsession with the princely sum of £13.40/week for child benefit.

Have they ever asked their children’s nannies what the price of nappies or baby milk is?

Only 1.5 % of those on benefits have never worked, but in countries without a welfare state starving children are forced onto the streets to sell themselves for sex or to beg for food.

This sick Government cares little about children at risk or they wouldn’t  punish them with more poverty.