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Family of Scots jihadist who fled to Syria brand her ‘bedroom radical’

The family of a Scots woman who fled to Syria to join the Islamic State say they have been “betrayed” by their “bedroom radical” daughter.

Aqsa Mahmood’s parents have said they knew nothing of her plans and cannot understand why she left her home in Shawlands, Glasgow.

The 20-year-old former private school girl’s parents held a public appeal, through family lawyer Aamer Anwar, for their daughter to return.

She fled her home and university education in Glasgow in November to join jihadists in Syria and marry an Isis fighter.

Ms Mahmood has reportedly used a Twitter account under the name @ummlayth_ to promote terrorism.

The former pupil of Craigholme Secondary School, one of the city’s most exclusive girls’ schools, has not been seen by her parents since November last year.

In a public statement through family lawyer Aamer Anwar, her parents urged her to come home and said their daughter had “ripped the heart out of their family.”

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Family statement: Aamer Anwar reads the family’s words.

It read: “We have not seen out daughter since November last year. We found out that Aqsa travelled from Turkey then to Syria and subsequently married and Isis fighter in February of this year.

“She may believe that the jihadists of Isis are her new family but they are not and they are simply using her. We still love you but you now have to put your family first as you betrayed us, your community and the people of Scotland when you took this step.

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“We were horrified when we heard that out daughter had become radicalised and moved to Aleppo in Syria. We always had high hopes for her and would have loved for her to become a doctor and save lives.

“Isis are killing in the name of our religion and claim to defend the weak but by joining them our daughter is brainwashed and deluded and helping those engaged in genocide.

“There is no fundamentalist preacher that can be blamed for her radicalisation. Aqsa like many young people in our community was naturally annoyed and frustrated at the loss of innocent lives in the Middle East but this is not the way.

“If our daughter who had all the chances and freedoms in life could become a bedroom radical, then it is possible for this to happen to any family.”

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Aqsa Mahmood: Fled Glasgow to join jihadists in Syria.

Police have confirmed they are aware of Ms Mahmood’s disappearance and are assisting her family in Glasgow.

It is understood investigating the possibility that she is “in the Syrian conflict zone”.

Ms Mahmood dropped out of Glasgow Caledonian University after two months to travel to Syria.

The Scots Jihadist is a student, who is of Pakistani heritage, allegedly began developing radical Islamist beliefs when she was at school and started wearing a hijab.

She began tweeting extremist post online in reference to the extremists who killed soldier Lee Rigby and let off the Boston Marathon bomb.