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Unedited Version of Aamer’s column for Scottish Sun on Sunday 26th May


How ironic that Drummer Lee Rigby a 25 year soldier who survived the Taliban on a tour of Helmand, Afghanistan, should be butchered on a London street around the corner from his barracks, where he should have been safe.

As a Muslim I am repulsed and angry at the barbaric nature of this cowardly attack and the use of religion to try and justify it.

I look forward to the day that Lee’s killers are brought to justice, jailed and left to rot in prison, but we also cannot allow the actions of the ‘deluded’ to divide this country.

In 2011 when EDL supporting, Seig Heiling Anders Breivik massacred 77 young Norwegians, Christians were not held responsible for his actions when he described himself as the ‘International Christian Military Order’.

In 2007 when National Front supporting Neil Macgregor threatened to blow up Scotland’s biggest mosque and kidnap and behead one Muslim a week on the internet until every mosque was shut down there was no backlash from the Muslim community. (He was released on probation and not charged with terrorism)

A few weeks ago when a 75 year old grandfather Mohammed Saleem was murdered, after being stabbed 4 times in his back by a white male in a ‘racist’ attack, walking home from the Mosque, his murder did not make national news, was not called terrorism, nor were the white community held responsible.

When in 2008 Pervaiz Khan was imprisoned for plotting to kidnap and video the beheading of a British soldier- the target in that case was to have been a British Muslim soldier.

Today most of the Muslims in the British Armed Services have served in Afghanistan and In 2006 Lance Corporal Jabron Hashmi became first British Muslim soldier killed whilst serving in Helmand. His family described him as a “Soldier, fiercely proud of being British, who combined his love of Islam with the love of Britain.”

The number one victims of ‘Islamists’ around the world just happen to be Muslims. In Pakistan, the Gates of Hell were opened when the Mujahadein (including Bin Laden), were trained and funded by the West in their ‘holy war’ against the Russians in Afghanistan. Today’s daily bombings of Mosques, schools and shopping malls take place on a scale far greater than 7/7.

Sadly we are in danger of doing the same in Syria by funding Al-Qaeda elements of the Syrian resistance.  There is a reason why our ‘intelligence services’ who monitor and foil terrorist attacks daily, link foreign policy to motivation for home grown terror.

Members of the EDL began tweeting on Wednesday that ‘we need to send a strong message to our government similar to that of Anders Breivik, you can only fight extremism with extremism.’  or to ‘hack of the heads of Muslims’.  

The balaclava wearing ‘far right’ English Defence League took to the streets within hours of the Lee Rigby’s murder, blocked from marching on local mosques, quickly turned their anger, fists, and boots on Police officers. Their message of hate is no different to the Islamists seeking to sow division.

One proud symbol of hope this week was the actions of Cub Scout leader, a middle-aged mother Ingrid who got off a bus to calmly and courageously stand up to the killer waving his blood stained machete.

He said he wanted ‘to start a war in London’, her response was to say ‘You’re going to lose, it is only you versus many.’  It is up to us to make her words a fitting legacy to the memory of Drummer Lee Rigby a loving son, husband, father and brother’– RIP.


I see the EDL wanting to defend their British heritage, demanded that members mobilise for a St George March on a ‘massive mosque’ in the main road in Brighton- only problem for the Master Race was that it wasn’t  and was tourist attraction the Victorian Royal Pavillion.


Last week a gay couple were savagely beaten in a homophobic attack by six men and as the Tory party ranted in opposition to Gay marriage bill, one of the victims stated that that politicians is legitimising such attacks with their language.

Cameron for once was right to press ahead with legalising Gay Marriage, but it reminded us of the true nature of the Tory party. Lord Norman Tebbit, Home Secretary under Margaret Thatcher bizarrely said that “When we have a queen who is a lesbian and she marries another lady and then decides she would like to have a child and someone donates sperm and she gives birth to a child, is that child heir to the throne?

He even tried to claim that a change in the law would allow him to marry his son to escape inheritance tax. Thankfully the majority of people in this country do not think of incest when agreeing to gay marriage. Tebbit and the rest just need to chill out.