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Press Release from  Aamer Anwar- Solicitor on 5th February 2015

In response to evidence given by Police Scotland to the Justice Committee Thursday 5th February at the Scottish Parliament.

It is clear today from the evidence given to the Justice Committee by individuals from Police Scotland that it can no longer perpetuate the myth that they operate a robust and fair complaints procedures whilst at the same time they face serious allegations that some investigations are out of control.

As for the sledgehammer use of the Data Protection Act it is unacceptable that when senior officers accept there needs to be real change that nobody in Police Scotland has the courage to implement a solution.

Both the Lord Advocate and the Chief Constable must review the use of legislation which had led to the systematic persecution of law abiding officers.

Police Officers who previously would have used computing systems to gather intelligence to fight crime are now fearful of doing so in case they are accused of breaking the law.  Surely that was not the intended purpose of Parliament.

From our representation of rank and file officers, as well as the evidence of senior officers we are aware of the real demoralisation that exists. 

In some instances police officers just give up and resign after years of investigations whilst in the worst case scenarios some have through stress, bullying and harassment attempted suicide.

Police officers are having their lives ripped apart by a complaints system that is not fit for purpose.

For years I have been regarded as one of the harshest critics of the Police, but if ordinary officers can not expect equality in access to justice then what hope is there for members of the public.

It is time that the Justice Committee took control and ordered an immediate independent inquiry.”


Today’s Justice Sub-Committee Hearing can be viewed on –