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Published in Scottish Sun on Sunday 2nd March 2014

Paul McBrideThis Tuesday will mark the second anniversary of the death of top QC Paul McBride. It seems like only yesterday that Paul passed away suddenly on a trip to Pakistan.

Not a day goes by without someone regaling a story about Paul. In our courts there are constant reminders of how we miss his brains, razor sharp wit, ‘multi-coloured vocabulary’ and ability to solve an insurmountable problem.

Paul McBride QC was no saint but he was a giant in a legal landscape full of pygmies. A man full of compassion, charity and kindness who touched the lives of so many from paupers to ministers.   

My heart and prayers go out to his parents George and Mary who shared with us such an extraordinary man.

Nothing will ease their pain of losing Paul, but as the years roll on he will not be forgotten or replaced. Rest in Peace my friend.