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My Column published in Scottish Sun on Sunday 14th September 2014

Independence-It’s our Time

4 days to go, let’s be honest the reason that UK markets are crapping themselves is the thought of having to go it alone without Scotland’s resources in the event of independence.


Standard Life, Executive Director Keith Skeoch told us that if we vote Yes, then he will move their HQ out of Scotland. You might not have heard of Keith before but he got paid £4.2 million last year, is a neo-conservative who knows he cannot campaign publicly with his Tory hat hence why we have the pleasure of his ‘corporate views’.

This is a man who would abolish the minimum wage, privatise the NHS and like so many of our so called ‘Captains of Industry’ he was never elected, so his is political allegiance is never questioned.

Jim Sillars was right when he said the

heads of these companies are rich men in cahoots with a rich Tory English PM, to keep Scotland’s poor poorer through lies and distortions.’

As for oil, of course it’s going to run out in 50 years, but do you think Scotland would be better at spending it for our benefit, or do you think that Westminster has our best interests at heart?

When Labour leader Miliband hotfooted it up with 100 MPs, his message was a ‘Labour Government is coming in May 2015 so hold on’ but any detail was lacking.

When Ed promised he wouldn’t stab Scotland in the back, just remember that this was the man who was willing to stab his own ‘rendition loving’ brother in the back to grab power.

Independence-what about holding on for Labour?

Just how many times has Scotland voted for Labour yet ended up with the Tories. If Ed loses the 2015 election he will deliver us on a plate to the Tories and UKIP so where’s his Plan B.

In 1979 when Labour urged us to vote no to a Scottish Parliament, we ended up with a ‘mentally unbalanced dictator with a handbag’ who destroyed millions of lives for decades to come.

As for Bankers telling us they know best, just remember they rigged a system which encouraged immorality and criminality. They speculated with our savings and pensions, they bailed themselves out with £1.4 trillion of public money and squandered away our children’s future.

Independence or Devo-Max?

Still not convinced well there is the hero of the moment Gordon Brown. He raided our pensions, bankrupted the UK and lost the election to the Tories, but days before the indy vote he is feted for coming up with a new plan on the back of a cigarette packet, do you remember the grief that Salmond got for a 649 page white paper?

Gordon a back bench MP, who gave us no new powers when he was PM, now promises Scotland ‘powers’ but has no powers to deliver them.

Independence-in reverse?

So with four days to go, take your time and imagine if we had actually been independent, controlled our own oil, taxes, natural resources and along came England offering us a political union.

It involved us giving up control of everything, in return for minimal representation in a Parliament, based several hundred miles away, giving more away then we get back, with all their Weapons of Mass destruction now based within 25 miles of our most populated city- what would  do you think we would say?

I suspect by the time we get to the 18th September, Better Together will be telling us that Armageddon is coming or in the words of their Lord Robertson, ‘the forces of Darkness!’


Independence may offer us uncertainty but at least it is with the reins of power in our hands, whilst the UK offers uncertainty and £40 billon of austerity cuts without any power.