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Unedited version of my column in Scottish Sun on Sunday 25th May 2014


Many commentators trying to explain the rise of UKIP in British politics do so by blaming immigrants for their rise.

But the real reason for the rise of the far right is a failure to take on their racist arguments.

Instead of Westminster saying that immigration is good for our country they are all so desperate to tell us that they are taking on board voter’s concerns and will be even tougher on immigration. By doing so they will only give credence to the ideas of the ‘BNP in Blazers’

Over the last century, with each new batch of arrivals, be they the Jews, Irish, Afro-Caribbeans, East African Asians, Pakistanis, or now Eastern Europeans the same myths were repeated and perpetuated.

When my dad arrived in the fifties the signs that greeted him as he looked for accommodation were ‘No Irish, No Dogs, No Blacks’. Fortunately we no longer have those signs but we do have political leaders such as Nigel Farage openly worrying about ‘Romanians’  moving in next door and a media comfortable with giving his racist party a platform even though it didn’t have a single seat in Westminster.

There’s no point in finger waving at the likes of Farage  because when it comes to the  immigration laws they are racist.

Why is that when an African overstays his visa he is 50 times more likely to pursued than if he is an Australian.

Why do we not hear much from UKIP, Labour or the Tories about the hundreds of thousands of white Americans, Canadians and Australians who come to live and work in the UK, many of whom end up becoming ‘illegal immigrants’.

Immigration creates wealth, they always give more than they take.

The main myth has always been that we are being swamped and our services just can’t handle it.

Of course there are problems with a lack of affordable housing or job opportunities but the idea that immigrants are to blame is a convenient distraction from the truth.

Politicians like to deal in lies and statistics, claiming that with a population of 63 million our nation is becoming overcrowded, but the increase in population last year was down to the fact we had a record baby boom with 813,200 born.

With 558,800 deaths the increase in population amounted to over 400,000, but migration only counts for 165,000. In the same period both Germany and Italy had over 300,000 immigrants.

For those who live in the cloud cuckoo land of imperial grandeur of a white ‘Great Britain’, it actually realised over half a century it did not have the manpower and skills to run this country, which meant it went begging to former colonies for labour.

I would like to see UKIP try and run the NHS without overseas doctors and nurses. The system would fall to its knees especially where over a quarter of the staff are foreign born in some hospitals.  

Many of the public services and hospitality we take for granted are staffed by Eastern Europeans willing to work crazy hours for basic wages that most local people would refuse. 


Of course there are people who bleed this country die. Those who don’t work, dodge paying tax and sitting on their backside can generate them millions in interest. They can jet set, fast track immigration queues and ‘legally’ avoid paying tax by stashing their cash in tax havens abroad.

Yet our Prime Minister fails to wage war on these parasites or blame them for ordinary people losing out through cuts in health and welfare.

It was estimated that last year their fraud cost our nation £70 billion pounds, that alone would have funded two thirds of the annual NHS budget.

As I write this UKIP is expected to win the biggest share of the European vote across the UK, Westminster will  of course analyse the result, blame each other and the Media will be overjoyed with their predictions not realising they energised their road to victory.

But putting it all aside what it will mean for Scots once again is proof that no matter how we vote in Scotland the prospect of a racist, right wing Westminster Government ruling over us in a coalition come the next General election is very real.


It’s time we stopped falling for the racist scapegoating of immigrants and looked for an alternative solution elsewhere.