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Unedited version of column for Scottish Sun on Sunday


As I watched a bunch of paranoid nutters let loose on BBC, I wondered why a 4 minute party political racist rant abuse of Muslims was even allowed.

Some will say that the newly formed Fascist party of ‘Britain First’ have a right to vent their views in a democracy.

The broadcast began with the words –‘Taking Our Country Back’, ‘Rule Britannia’, ‘It’s time to join British Resistance’.

They spoke of pensioners and the poor but offered no solution other than hate. They finished the broadcast with a picture of a white Jesus, Churchill and the words ‘Do you remember Lee Rigby we do.

Many members of Britain First left the BNP because it wasn’t right wing enough, they admire the politics of Adolf Hitler, hide their Nazi tattoos and are exactly the types who would bulldoze democracy if they ever got the chance to.

Unlike UKIP’s ‘BNP in blazers’, the chosen uniform for them is a military style uniform. Just for one moment imagine if the word ‘Muslim’ in the broadcast was replaced with Christian or Jew.

Then imagine if it was Muslims that drove around in reinforced combat Land Rovers and churches across the country were invaded by Muslims dressed in combats.

Imagine if they harassed and intimidated church elders, putting their arms around them taking selfies whilst posting videos of the abuse.

Imagine if they talked to the elders of ‘Christian paedophiles Jimmy Saville and Max Clifford’ and accused their churches of encouraging Christian grooming gangs, then forced their Korans on them and described their nationwide day of action as a Holy War- a Jihad

Had this happened quite rightly there would have been outrage, front page headlines, minute by minute TV reports, the offenders would be hunted down and politicians would demand changes in the law to arrest such hate preachers, whilst the PM would flex his muscles in yet another ‘Cobra’ meeting and call in the police, army and MI5.

Of course it never happened, but the thugs from ‘Britain First’ describing themselves as Christian patriots did exactly that, except the target was Mosques around the UK, including Glasgow’s Central Mosque, describing their day of action as a Christian Crusade ( Aka Holy War).

Britain First is yet another offshoot of the Nazi BNP, it’s leader Paul Golding was previously a member of the National Front until he joined the Nazi BNP becoming a councillor. Golding describes ‘Britain First’ and ‘UKIP’ as ‘patriots together’.

This would be the same moron who when in the National Front turned up drunk at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday, wearing women’s knickers on his head.

These plastic patriots sow ‘poison in our communities’ feeding of the type of inflammatory national hysteria whipped up over the Halal meat or the Nikab. Not that anyone really complains about Halal meat when they are down at their local Indian eating a chicken bhoona or munching Doner kebabs on a Saturday night.

Britain First and Soldiers?

As for our soldiers Golding doesn’t care about them, if he did then he wouldn’t have tried to hijack the murder of Soldier Lee Rigby. He wouldn’t have caused Lee Rigby’s family more pain by using his name as their ballot paper slogan for the European elections.

Lee’s mother Lynn said ‘their views (Britain First) are not what Lee believed in, has no support from the family, yet again can any more heartbreak be thrown at me and my family?

Come May 22nd make sure you use your European Parliament vote to ensure these closet fascists be they BNP, UKIP or Britain First don’t get the respectability they crave but the humiliation they deserve.