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I was recently compared to Lionel Messi by the Catalonian President Quim Torra.

Now Messi might be performing in front of crowds of 100,000 but I’ve addressed a rally of 1.5 million Catalans.

Whilst Messi has built a reputation for his actions inside the box, I’m well-known for thinking outside of it.

His goals might be to put Barcelona ahead, but mine would be for the benefit of all of Catalonia (despite my being a fan of Barcelona F.C.)

Regardless, if any teams are in need of a new recruit this transfer window, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Naturally, I play as a defender!

All jokes aside, I am honoured by the admittedly humorous comparison to a great hero of Barcelona and take great pride in my role within the ongoing struggle for Catalonia’s independence.

The case of Clara Ponsati has been one of the most important of my career and my involvement with the remarkable movement in the fantastic region is close to my heart.

The reception I receive each and every time I go to Catalonia is unbelievably inspiring and the emotions I felt while staring out at a crowd of unified people all fighting peacefully for the same noble goal was absolutely overwhelming.

Back to the flattering comparison, however, I want to make clear that just as there is no replacement for Lionel Messi when it comes to attack, there is no replacement for Aamer Anwar and Co. when it comes to defence!

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