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Aamer Anwar & Westminster GE2015

In recent weeks rumours have surfaced that I was tipped to be standing for the SNP in Glasgow Central at the next General Election.

I have thought of little else since the referendum result, but have decided that Westminster is not for me.

Believe me it was a difficult decision to reach but I feel the need to explain especially to those who wished for me to stand.

As some close political friends have said I might one day regret this but I believe at this moment the decision I make is the right one for me and my family.

I want to thank all those in the SNP, local constituencies and many individuals who have provided encouragement, support as well as nominations.

At least now I will not have to avoid answering journalist’s questions or tweet ‘watch this space.’

It was a real honour to be considered as worthy by so many to consider challenging Labour for the seat.

However as one of the many thousands who recently joined the SNP, I was conscious that in over 25 years as a campaigner, with 14 of those as a lawyer my strength has been in never toeing a party line and speaking without fear or favour.

I still have many legal commitments, clients as well as campaigns such as those of Mohammad Asghar who still remains on death row whom I cannot walk away from to fight an election or beyond.

Becoming a lawyer was a dream hard fought for which I am not yet ready to give up on and Justice is of course devolved to Holyrood.

Scotland has had enough of a corrupt Westminster elite and the people deserve SNP MPs who will give them 100%, representing the millions rather than the millionaires.

No one could have predicted the tremendous optimism that still exists after the referendum defeat but millions remain desperate for an end to austerity.

That hope, ingenuity and passion for change was visible for all, when over 3000 attended the inspiring Radical Independence Conference and then just across the road Nicola told 12,000 at the Hydro that ‘Power rests with the People’.

The SNP of today carries a historic responsibility to force Westminster to actually deliver real power back to the people of Scotland, but this will only happen if we vote for them for them on May 7th.

Thank you

Aamer Anwar