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For the best criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, there is no alternative to Aamer Anwar and Co. We are among Scotland’s top criminal defence solicitors and represent in each and every court in the country, which means we can act for clients from Stranraer. We don’t feel there is ever an excuse to stop getting better, and that’s why we work day after day to advance our comprehension of our industry and our circle of individuals within it that we can work closely with.

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The cooperation between countries with regards to the exchange of an individual charged with a criminal offence is more frequent than it ever has been. If the home office accept a request and identify the relevant individual inside their territory, they could very well comply.

Because the laws of Britain together with foreign nations around the world are involved, negotiating these cases can be incredibly tricky. Nonetheless, our Glasgow solicitors are well-versed in the processes involved and have working partnerships with lawyers all over the world. Whether you live in Stranraer or elsewhere, our firm will secure the best conclusion possible, regardless of how grim the case may seem.


In 2002, the government granted itself brand new abilities to seize unprecedented quantities of assets from persons and organisations convicted of an offence. Our firm has familiarised itself with all of the applicable strategies in order to guarantee we can tackle them.

By creating a tailor-made team which suits your exact requirements, we can harness our bundled knowledge to ensure that you do not have to pay any more than you need to. We know better than to just accept the court’s opinion on the unlawful earnings you have received.


Having the correct legal assistance when dealing with a serious charge such as violence or murder is key. It is critical that you make contact with our solicitors whether you are in Stranraer or elsewhere the minute you become aware of the charge so as to raise the probability of the entire thing being remedied rapidly and discreetly.

In investigations of violence, particularly murder, the police interrogation will help to shape the complete outcome of the criminal charge. We employ a number of lawyers specifically for this occurrence, who will keep you right so that you don’t detrimentally impact your court case by misspeaking.


If you’ve been in an accident that was not your fault that has ended in an injury, you might be eligible for compensation. Through collaboration with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have put together our knowledge and assets to produce a service that you can be sure will give you the best possibility of success.

If you have suffered the loss of life or lasting disability of a family member, we fully grasp that money won’t make things right. However, a lump sum in compensation can help to you to handle the ensuing financial uncertainty from losing a wage.


Sex crime accusations are extremely serious, and you will need to prepare a defence immediately. From allegations of misconduct, to sexual assault and paedophilia, they will all cause significant distress for the accused as well as their family and friends. No matter the charge, we will give our all to ensure you obtain the very best result.

The evidence associated with sex crime cases is exceedingly complicated and often irregular, but our specialists are familiar with the procedures involved. This awareness will be vital when dealing with your situation, and our capacity to keep you up to date on what you can expect will give much-needed peace of mind.


If you find yourself dealing with criminal charges, experiencing some panic and uncertainty is inevitable. Nevertheless, if you are in Stranraer or elsewhere, understanding that you have a skilled and successful team of lawyers committed to ensuring you get the very best result achievable will create genuine comfort.

In our attempt to defend justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have become familiar with a number of areas within criminal law, and have founded a number of crucial collaborative partnerships to make sure your case obtains the finest representation across Scotland.

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Due to the vast and consistently developing realm of employment law, it is not at all difficult to find yourself suddenly on the wrong side of a tribunal or civil court. You need to make certain that the people representing you have the expertise to help you effectively; luckily, our team of specialised employment law Glasgow solicitors are always available.

We can likewise provide guidance to human resource departments and personnel, helping to make sure your organisation is compliant with all British employment laws. Our firm will keep you right with recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our Glasgow solicitors office has worked hard to build its status as being leaders when it comes to navigating immigration law for individuals all over Scotland. We have been successful in numerous cases for both individuals along with commercial bodies, no matter how difficult the issue might seem to be.

Trying to get residency in Great Britain can be a costly and prolonged process. Naturally, it is not something that you would want to undertake a second time. We will customise our service to match your particular needs. Our immigration lawyers will help to ensure you get your chosen outcome the first time whether you are in Stranraer or somewhere else.|When undertaking a costly procedure, for instance applying for residency or citizenship in Britain, it is crucial you get the result you desire on your first try. This is the reason our experience is so worthwhile; by developing a strategy tailored to your particular needs, we will give you the greatest potential for success whether you are in Stranraer or somewhere else.}


Once in a while a cause develops which is worth making a real stand for. Because we are a politically active firm, we realise this more than most, and have seen personally the intimidation strategies that the authorities can utilise to discourage lawful protests.

We are proud to say that our firm is the first that a great many political activists think of when they encounter legal repercussions. Standing for political causes is at the core of our business beliefs, and you can be certain that our Glasgow solicitors will be by your side from start to finish any time you need us.|Because of our superb track record and reputation for our engagement with politics, many activists facing legal consequences reach out to us for representation. Defending the public’s right to legitimate demonstration is important to our Glasgow solicitors, and by employing the combination of this determination and our working experience, you can be sure your case is in good hands.}


Due to our thorough understanding of the complexity of law along with the legal process, we are often employed to evaluate a case and determine if an appeal is appropriate. Our experience over the years in effectively conducting appeals has placed us in an unmatched position to bring about a result.

Our solicitors in Glasgow will pursue every last opportunity for appeal, meaning we will assess whether you received appropriate representation, looking for new evidence which was not available during your initial trial, and collaborating with Scotland’s very best appeal specialists to ensure that you receive the justice you are due.


Anyone with experience in a sector which demands formal licenses to operate, will be well acquainted with the endless hoops you ordinarily must jump through to be considered. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi paperwork, to industry-specific permits, whether you live in Stranraer or elsewhere you can be sure our lawyers will make the experience as easy as possible.

Our Glasgow solicitors are dedicated to ensuring you are fully up to date through the entire application procedure, and possess the expertise to offer sound and useful advice to help with your case. When required, our firm will even handle your case at council meetings and Burgh Halls.


If you are charged with ‘white collar’ or corporate crime, then you need to ensure you have a specialised lawyer on-hand who knows the complexities of this kind of case. You might well have your own business lawyers who are very competent at their job, however it is rare they will also understand criminal law.

Utilising our fraud-specialised Glasgow solicitors as well as their connections with the nation’s best forensic accountants as well as tax and IT professionals, we will assemble a team who’ll be perfectly capable of picking apart the case of whatever prosecution body is hoping to charge you.


The significant surge in terrorist activity in our age has led to the government granting itself fresh abilities to handle the situation. Sadly, this has resulted in several innocent people getting engaged in accusations and investigations which are unjust.

In an effort to combat this unjust situation, our solicitors have made every effort to put our practice at the cutting edge of terrorist law criminal defence. By getting to know the fresh offences, together with the new powers available to the police, we can curb this escalating amount of harassment making sure rights are maintained.


Technological offences are a relatively recent aspect of law, and for that reason many law practices have yet to take the time to fully grasp and understand it. We have created a specialist group of solicitors in Glasgow with all of the technical, legal, and focused expertise they need to secure results for clients across Scotland, in Stranraer and elsewhere.

We cover a diverse array of crimes including cyberstalking, online harassment, hacking, possession of unlawful images, and many more. With Aamer Anwar and Co, you can be certain we have put aside time to familiarise ourselves with this brand new feature of criminal law to guarantee you have the very best chance of a win.


After an accidental death, there will be a mandatory investigation regarding the conditions which resulted in the death. If you, or your organisation, is ‘invited’ to an inquiry of this sort, it’s critical you organise proper legal support as soon as possible.

If you are called up to be a witness in a fatal accident inquiry, you will be interviewed about what you know of the situation, together with your awareness of any laws and regulations that could have prevented the accident. Obviously, this might cause legal consequences, which we will avert.


In the media’s race to reveal the news first, innocent reputations are commonly destroyed as a consequence. Our Glasgow solicitors have seen a lot of success in cases like this, by either blocking the story from being written and published completely or by handling the after effects when the affair has already happened.

The quicker the press gets news revealed, the more cash they will earn. As a result, solid journalism is often given up in the name of haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do everything possible to deal with this, by sorting out an injunction against the story or by making sure the accountable publications are forced to release follow-up apologies and amendments.


Our skilled drug crime lawyers have a great deal of ability and knowledge in regards to dealing with all sorts of drug-related felonies like possession, supply, trafficking, or production. Regardless of how serious the charge is, you can be sure we will always deal with both you and your case with the greatest value and thought.

The government takes a hard-line on drug crime, and sentences usually carry a severe punishment. Having said that, our specialist drug criminal lawyers have the experience and resources to deal with anything they are faced with.


There are various vehicle-related offences which can promptly put you in front of a judge, and capable guidance is critical in terms of keeping you behind the wheel. Regardless of whether you have been accused of bad/dangerous driving, drunk driving, or any other charge like driving without a license or insurance, if you are in Stranraer or somewhere else our road law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have experience in handling the specific charge.

Over the years our lawyers have won numerous cases on behalf of taxi drivers, making sure they hold on to their license as well as their livelihood. whenever the stakes are extremely high, you must ensure you employ the best.


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