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For the most effective criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, look no further than Aamer Anwar and Co. We are one of Scotland’s top criminal defence solicitors and represent in every courtroom in this country, meaning we can act for people in Stirling. We don’t feel there is ever room to stop getting better, and that’s why we endeavor every single day to grow our knowledge of our industry and our community of professionals within it which we can work closely with.

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There is an increasing level of cooperation between nations when it comes to exchanging supposed criminals. This nation’s authorities are more ready than ever before to satisfy international demands for extradition of people within the United Kingdom.

Because the laws of this country together with foreign countries are concerned, negotiating these cases can be extremely tricky. Nonetheless, our Glasgow solicitors are well-versed in the processes concerned and have established connections with lawyers around the globe. Whether you live in Stirling or elsewhere, our firm will guarantee the best judgement possible, no matter how dreadful the case might appear.


The 2002 ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ has granted the crown unprecedented ability with regards to seizing resources belonging to charged criminal persons or enterprises. We know the tricks that governing bodies utilise to guarantee they receive as much money as possible and we have plentiful expertise in preventing them.

It is crucial to our firm that your rights under the law are protected and that you do not need to give up a penny over what is essential. To this end, we will assemble a team more than capable of handling the details of your case. We will carry out our very own investigation; we refuse to merely take the court’s word.


Having suitable legal help when facing a serious accusation like violence or murder is fundamental. It is critical that you get in touch with our solicitors whether you are in Stirling or elsewhere as soon as you are aware of the case to increase the chances of the whole thing being resolved rapidly and discreetly.

In investigations of violence, especially murder, the police interview will help to shape the complete result of the court case. We employ a number of staff members especially for this occurrence, who will ensure that you do not detrimentally affect your court case by misspeaking.


If you endure an injury which was not your fault, then you are worthy of compensation. Our practice has collaborated with Bonnar Law, the reliable personal injury solicitors, to be sure that we’re able to guarantee the greatest possibility of a victory. By merging our expertise and resources, we’ll maximise the cash you obtain as a settlement.

Our firm understands that if a major incident has ended in the death or permanent disability of a loved one, then no amount of cash will improve your situation, but it can aid in offsetting the financial trouble that will so commonly follow on from unfortunate accidents.


Sex crime claims are extremely serious, and you should arrange defence without delay. From accusations of misconduct, to rape and paedophilia, they will all result in substantial distress for the accused along with their loved ones. Regardless of the charge, we will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the very best result.

While cases like this can be tricky to negotiate, and while the associated evidence is oftenrelatively unusual, our team has the working experience necessary to perform appropriately. The expertise our lawyers have regarding sex crime will become apparent throughout the case, and we will help you stay fully up-to-date at all times.


When you are dealing with criminal allegations, feeling some stress and anxiety is inevitable. Even so, if you are in Stirling or elsewhere, understanding that you have a skilled and accomplished team of lawyers dedicated to guaranteeing you achieve the very best result possible will produce real peace of mind.

In our endeavor to defend justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have made themselves familiar with several sections within criminal law, and have founded many crucial cooperative relationships to make sure your case gets the finest representation across Scotland.

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Due to the comprehensive and persistently evolving discipline of employment legislation, it is all too simple to find yourself suddenly on the receiving end of a tribunal or civil court. You have to ensure that the lawyers defending you possess the skills to serve you adequately; fortunately, our team of specialist employment law Glasgow solicitors are always ready.

We can likewise offer support to HR departments and staff, helping to make sure your enterprise is up to date with British employment guidelines. Our team will with you with recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our firm’s immigration law team of Glasgow solicitors have worked relentlessly to develop their outstanding reputation. They have made certain that each one of their clients from across Scotland obtains the counsel they deserve and remains perfectly updated of their case throughout the process. Our team can collaborate either with individuals, or with companies.

Trying to get the right to residence in Britain is often an expensive and drawn out process. Naturally, it is far from something that you will want to go through a second time. We will personalise our service to match your particular needs. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get your chosen outcome the first time whether you live in Stirling or somewhere else.|When going through a pricey procedure, such as trying to get residency or citizenship in Britain, it is crucial you receive the outcome you want on your initial try. That is the reason our experience is so valuable; by putting together a strategy customised for your specific needs, we will provide you with the greatest prospect of success whether you are in Stirling or somewhere else.}


Every now and again, criminal prosecution is the price we must pay to stand for a just case. From our personal experience in making political statements, we realise that the authorities commonly use harassment and unnecessary charges to disperse a crowd and break it up.

It is an honour to say that our practice is the first that a great many political activists reach out to when they encounter legal repercussions. Standing up for freedom of speech is at the centre of our working beliefs, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from beginning to end whenever you need us.|Because of our impressive record and reputation for our participation with politics, many activists facing legal consequences contact us for help. Making a stand for people’s right to lawful demonstration is close to the hearts of our Glasgow solicitors, and by utilising the combination of this commitment and our practical experience, you can be positive your case will be in good hands.}


Over the years, people have come to depend upon our lawyers to help them out in regards to criminal appeals. Our firm has the understanding and practical experience to, firstly, give advice on whether it is pursuing an appeal at all. If we establish that you have a chance, you can then rely on us to secure a result.

There is a perplexing number of reasons why an appeal might be made, but our solicitors in Glasgow are comfortable with them all. Our lawyers will work relentlessly until every path has been explored fully. This will involve looking for new evidence, reviewing your original court case, and working with Britain’s foremost appeal experts.


Anyone who makes a living in a sector which demands formal licenses to operate, will be familiar with the endless hoops you typically have to jump through to be considered. From alcohol licenses, to taxi paperwork, to more niche permits, whether you live in Stirling or elsewhere you can rest assured our lawyers will make the experience as easy as it can be.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors provide reliable guidance and describe the intricacies of the law in question to you, but we will also represent you at local council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to be sure you possess the best potential for victory.


If you are accused of corporate or ‘white collar’ offenses, then you need to make sure you have a specialised lawyer on-hand who appreciates the complexities of this sort of case. You may well have company business lawyers who are very effective at their job, but it is rare they will also fully grasp criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors secured a win in a wide variety of corporate cases, but our lawyers are also in cooperation with Scotland’s most proficient tax and IT specialists who can review your particular circumstances and the prosecution’s case for anything useful to us.


The drastic increase in terrorist activity in our time has led to the government giving itself brand new abilities to tackle the issue. Sadly, this has led to numerous mislabeled people being caught up in charges and investigations which are unfair.

In an effort to combat this unjust situation, our solicitors have made every effort to put our firm at the forefront of terrorist law legal defence. By familiarising ourselves the new offences, together with the new powers offered to the police, we will suppress this developing amount of harassment ensuring that justice is maintained.


Technological criminal acts are a relatively recent addition of law, which many firms have yet to take the time to thoroughly learn and appreciate it. We have developed a specialist group of solicitors in Glasgow with all of the technical, legal, and tactical expertise they require to deliver results for clients across Scotland, in Stirling and elsewhere.

We cover a wide range of criminal offences which include cyberstalking, web-based harassment, hacking, possession of illegal images, and much more. With Aamer Anwar and Co, you can be certain we have invested time to familiarise ourselves with this completely new branch of criminal law in order to ensure you have the greatest potential for victory.


In the event of accidental death, there will be a compulsory investigation regarding the conditions which led to the loss of life. If you, or your enterprise, is ‘invited’ to an inquiry like this, it’s critical you employ appropriate legal assistance as soon as possible.

If you are requested to be a witness in an inquiry like this, you will be interviewed about the circumstances of the incident, and your understanding of any regulations which may have averted the accident. Obviously, this may cause legal implications, which we can avert.


The faster the media gets news revealed, the more cash they can earn. As a result, adequate journalism is often sacrificed to prioritise haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do anything possible to address this, by sorting out an injunction against the story or by making sure the accountable publications are forced to distribute follow up apologies and amendments.

There are several factors that media law firms have to think about, and particular circumstances vary from case to case. For this reason, we offer bespoke strategies to support your unique needs and budget. Our dedicated team of specialists will guarantee that your standing receives the security it deserves.


Whatever drug-related criminal charge you are allegedly involved in, it is certain we possess the knowledge and skills to represent you appropriately. From smaller charges such as possession to more severe charges of supply, our lawyers will do everything needed of them to be certain you get the greatest result possible.

Drug crimes can result in severe sentences, even for small offences, and so it is essential that you get in touch with one of our drug criminal lawyers who have the complete strength of our substantial assets behind them.


Being on the defending end of a road law charge can alter your life substantially. Making a single error while driving can result in you dealing with a punishment that can place your license in danger. Whether you are in Stirling or elsewhere, our traffic law solicitors in Glasgow have managed all manner of cases from driving while intoxicated, bad or dangerous driving, or driving with no license, granting us a great deal of precious and practical expertise.

Through the years our lawyers have taken on hundreds of cases on behalf of taxi drivers, making sure they keep their license as well as their way of life. When the stakes are very high, you must ensure that you hire the best.


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