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For the most experienced criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, there is no other option than Aamer Anwar and Co. We are among Scotland’s major criminal defence solicitors and represent in every single court in the nation, meaning we can act for people in Partick. We don’t believe there is ever a reason to stop improving, which is the reason why we work each and every day to grow our comprehension of our industry and our network of individuals within it that we can cooperate with.

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The collaboration between countries with regards to the exchange of individuals charged with a criminal offence is more frequent than it has been in the past. When the government recognise a request and locate the person in question inside their borders, they might well comply.

Since the laws of this nation as well as foreign states are involved, navigating these cases can be extremely complicated. However, our Glasgow solicitors are familiar with the procedures included and have established partnerships with lawyers around the globe. Whether you live in Partick or elsewhere, our firm will guarantee the best judgement possible, in spite of how terrible the predicament might appear.


In 2002, the government approved itself fresh abilities to take unprecedented volumes of assets from individuals and organisations charged with an offence. Our lawyers have familiarised themselves with all of the relevant strategies in order to make sure we can combat them.

It is crucial to our lawyers that your rights under the law are protected and that you don’t need to give up a penny more than essential. To achieve this, we will assemble a team more than capable of dealing the particulars of your case. We will carry out our very own investigation; we won’t merely accept the court’s verdict.


Successful allegations of murder or violent assault will lead to tough punishments, and possessing the unmatched defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be an important asset. If you live in Partick or elsewhere, by speaking to us without delay, you will secure yourself the very best possibility of a positive, swift, and discrete result.

In most cases, the police interview plays a key role in the prosecution’s case. Our experienced police station personnel will accompany you throughout the whole process and will guarantee you hold the most robust position possible for the impending trial.


When you suffer a personal injury that was not your fault, then you are worthy of compensation. We have collaborated with Bonnar Law, the reliable personal injury solicitors, to make sure that we are able to secure the best possibility of a victory. By combining our expertise and resources, we’ll maximise the cash you receive as a pay out.

If you have experienced the passing or life-altering disability of a loved one, we understand that a settlement is of little consolation. However, a cash settlement will help you to offset the ensuing financial chaos from a lost income.


Sex crime claims are extremely serious, and you will need to organise defence quickly. From accusations of misconduct, to sexual assault and paedophilia, they can all induce significant distress for the accused along with their loved ones. No matter the charge, we will give our all to ensure that you receive the very best result.

Evidence compiled in sex crime cases is incredibly complicated and in most cases unusual, but our specialists are familiar with the procedures involved. This knowhow will be crucial when managing your situation, and our capability of keeping you up-to-date on what to expect can provide much-needed reassurance.


If you find yourself dealing with criminal accusations, experiencing some stress and uneasiness is inevitable. Nonetheless, if you are in Partick or elsewhere, realising that you have a skilled and successful team of lawyers focused on ensuring you receive the finest final result achievable will create genuine comfort.

In our attempt to defend justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have made themselves familiar with several areas within criminal law, and have established a number of vital cooperative connections to make sure your case receives the most effective representation across Scotland.

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Due to the extensive and regularly evolving world of employment law, it is all too easy to find yourself unexpectedly on the wrong side of a tribunal or civil court. You need to make certain that the legal team defending you have the expertise to serve you effectively; thankfully, our team of specialised employment law Glasgow solicitors are always ready.

We are also able to offer assistance to human resource departments and personnel, helping to ensure your organisation is in compliance with all British employment guidelines. Our firm will keep you right with recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our Glasgow solicitors firm has worked hard to develop its reputation as being industry leaders when it comes to navigating immigration laws for individuals all over Scotland. We have been successful in a huge number of cases for both individuals as well as commercial clientele, regardless of how challenging the issue might appear to be.

Trying to get the right to residence in the UK can be a costly and extended process. Naturally, it isn’t something you would want to endure twice. We will modify our service to accomodate your precise requirements. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get your chosen outcome the first time whether you live in Partick or somewhere else.|When carrying out an expensive process, such as applying for residency or citizenship in the United Kingdom, it is essential you receive the result you want on your initial attempt. This is why our service is so important; by crafting a plan personalised for your unique situtaion, we will present you with the greatest chance of success whether you are in Partick or somewhere else.}


Occasionally, criminal prosecution is the price we need to pay to make a political statement. From our personal experience of making political statements, we understand that the authorities commonly use harassment and unwarranted charges to intimidate a crowd and break it up.

We are proud of the fact that our company is the first that lots of political activists go to whenever they face legal repercussions. Taking a stand for freedom of expression and assembly is at the heart of our company philosophy, and you can be sure that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from start to finish any time you need us.|Thanks to our brilliant record and reputation for our engagement with politics, many activists facing charges contact us for help. Standing up for people’s right to peaceful protest is close to the hearts of our Glasgow solicitors, and with the combination of this passion and our practical knowledge, you can be positive your situation is in good hands.}


Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of law and the courtroom process, we are regularly hired to evaluate a case and determine whether or not an appeal can be made. Our practical experience in recent years in effectively carrying out appeals has placed us in an unparalleled position to generate a result.

There is a perplexing number of factors as to why an appeal can be pursued, but our solicitors in Glasgow are familiar them them all. Our lawyers will work relentlessly until every last opportunity has been exhausted. This will involve looking for fresh evidence, evaluating the original court case, and working with Britain’s leading appeal experts.


Complications relating to licensing cripples thousands of workers and businesses across the nation each and every year. Whether you are in Partick or elsewhere and need to acquire your alcohol license, a taxi driver losing out on work due to issues with your permit to drive, or a private company with an industry-specific concern, you can depend on us to rectify the situation.

Our Glasgow solicitors are dedicated to ensuring that you are completely informed throughout the whole application process, and possess the working experience to provide sound and sensible advice to assist with your case. When necessary, our lawyers will even handle your case at Burgh Halls and council board meetings.


Many businesses retain very talented and reliable lawyers to meet their traditional needs, but this does not mean they are remotely qualified to safeguard you against criminal accusations. Corporate (or ‘white collar’) crime requires specialist expertise. The discipline is very distinct in comparison to ‘traditional’ crime, and needs specific awareness in this sector of criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors secured a win in a wide range of corporate cases, but our firm is also in cooperation with Britain’s most accomplished tax and IT specialists who will study your particular situation as well as the prosecution’s case for information helpful to us.


Terrorism is increasingly becoming the tale {of this time}, and it does not appear to be slowing down. In parliament’s effort to stop this violence, many innocents have been mistakenly prosecuted and even convicted.

In order to overcome this injustice, our solicitors have worked hard to place our practice at the cutting edge of terrorist law criminal defence. By learning the fresh offences, along with the new powers open to the police, we will suppress this rising level of harassment making sure liberties are preserved.


Technological crimes are a relatively new but progressively more prominent element of British law, and we promptly became aware it was essential that our solicitors in Glasgow became comfortable with the discipline. Our dedicated cybercrime team, consequently, have experienced remarkable success in numerous cases and can represent clients in Partick and across Scotland.

We handle a broad variety of crimes such as cyberstalking, internet harassment, hacking, possession of illegal images, and many more. With Aamer Anwar and Co, you can be certain we have put aside time to familiarise ourselves with this unique feature of criminal law to guarantee you enjoy the greatest potential for success.


By law, a formal investigation will invariably arise when an accidental death transpires. If your company is involved in some way and is ‘invited’ to a meeting like this, then you should rapidly organise proper representation.

You may not always be in any sort of trouble , but you also might be without the right guidance. You will be asked concerning the exact causes of the incident, along with your awareness of any applicable legal guidelines. With no help, you can make yourself open to consequences.


The quicker the media gets news revealed, the more cash they will generate. This means that good journalism is routinely given up in the name of speed. Our Glasgow solicitors will do everything they can to handle this, by preparing an injunction against the story or by making sure the at fault publications are forced to distribute subsequent apologies and corrections.

There are a number of factors that media law offices have to think about, and particular circumstances change from situation to situation. For this reason, we deliver personalised solutions to accommodate your specific requirements and spending plan. Our focused team of specialists will make sure that your name gets the security it deserves.


Regardless of what drug-related criminal charge you are accused of being involved in, it is certain we hold the comprehension and experience to represent you appropriately. From lesser charges like possession to more serious allegations of supply, our lawyers will do whatever is needed of them to make sure you get the best result possible.

The government takes a hard-line on drug crime, and sentences will hold a severe punishment. However, our expert drug criminal lawyers have the experience and resources to handle everything they are faced with.


Finding yourself on the defending end of a traffic law charge can alter your life substantially. Making a single error while driving can leave you dealing with repercussions which will leave your license at risk. Whether you are in Partick or elsewhere, our traffic law solicitors in Glasgow have managed all manner of cases from drunk driving, bad or dangerous driving, or driving illegally, granting us a great deal of valuable and practical expertise.

Over the years our lawyers have handled countless cases in defence of taxi drivers, ensuring that they keep their license and their livelihood. If the stakes are very high, you need to ensure you hire the best.


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