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For the very finest criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, look no further than Aamer Anwar and Co. We are among Scotland’s foremost criminal defence solicitors and represent in every courtroom in the country, meaning we can act for clients from Parkhead. We don’t feel there is ever room to stop getting better, which is the reason why we work on a daily basis to grow our expertise in our industry and our community of professionals within it that we can work closely with.

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The collaboration between countries with regards to the exchange of an individual charged with crimes is more prevalent than it has been in the past. If the home office recognise a request and identify the person in question inside their boundaries, they could well comply.

British law is complex enough, but if you bring in the laws of a foreign legal system it will become a lot more complicated. Whether you live in Parkhead or elsewhere, our solicitors have set up crucial connections with international lawyers, not to mention honing their own skills, in order to ensure that they are able to make a stand for you no matter how stacked the odds against you might seem.


In 2002, parliament authorised itself new abilities to acquire remarkable amounts of assets from persons and enterprises charged with an offence. Our firm has familiarised itself with each of the applicable procedures in order to guarantee we can tackle them.

It is crucial to our lawyers that your rights under the law are protected and that you do not need to surrender a penny more than essential. To achieve this, we will build a team well-equipped to deal the details of your case. We will undertake our own investigation; we refuse to just accept the court’s word.


Having the correct legal guidance when dealing with a serious accusation like violence or murder is fundamental. It is critical that you get in touch with our solicitors whether you are in Parkhead or elsewhere as soon as you become aware of the case in order to raise the likelihood of everything being resolved promptly and discreetly.

Normally, the police interview will play a pivotal role in the prosecution’s case. Our experienced police station personnel will help you throughout the full procedure and will make certain you hold the most robust position possible for the coming trial.


If you’ve been in an accident that was out of your control which has led to an injury, then you may be eligible for compensation. Through cooperation with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have joined together our expertise and assets to produce a service that you can be certain gives you the greatest probability of winning your case.

Our firm appreciates that if an accident has ended in the passing or permanent disability of a family member, then no amount of money will mend your situation, but it can aid in offsetting the financial trouble that can so commonly result after unfortunate accidents.


Sex crime accusations are incredibly serious, and you should arrange defence right away. From allegations of misconduct, to rape and paedophilia, they can all produce significant distress for the accused and their loved ones. No matter the charge, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the very best result.

The evidence brought up in sex crime cases is quite complicated and in most cases unusual, but our specialists are comfortable with the processes involved. This awareness will be crucial when addressing your situation, and our capacity to keep you kept up to date on what to anticipate can provide much-needed reassurance.


If you are in Parkhead or elsewhere and are experiencing a criminal charge is nerve-racking and distressing, regardless of the criminal offence in question. Having faith that you have got the very best people for the task at hand supporting you, however, will make the whole process considerably more manageable.

In our attempt to maintain justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have become familiar with multiple disciplines within criminal law, and have developed multiple vital collaborative relationships to make sure your case receives the absolute best representation across Scotland.

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Due to the vast and persistently developing realm of employment law, it isn’t at all difficult to end up suddenly on the receiving end of a tribunal or civil court. You need to ensure that the lawyers defending you have got the expertise to support you effectively; fortunately, our team of specialised employment law Glasgow solicitors will always be on hand.

We can also offer a support service to HR departments and personnel, helping to ensure your business is in accordance with British employment guidelines. Our team will guide you through recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our Glasgow solicitors firm has worked tirelessly to establish its reputation as being leaders in terms of navigating immigration law for people throughout Scotland. We have been successful in a number of cases for both individuals and commercial clients, regardless of how difficult the issue might seem to be.

Trying to get the right to residence in Britain can be an expensive and prolonged procedure. Obviously, it is not something you would want to undergo twice. We will customise our service to match your specific situation. Our immigration lawyers will help to ensure you get a win on your initial try whether you live in Parkhead or somewhere else.|When undertaking a high priced procedure, for example applying for residency or citizenship in the United Kingdom, it is essential you obtain the result you need on the initial try. That is why our service is so valuable; by setting up a strategy personalised for your specific requirements, we will present you with the best possible prospect of victory whether you live in Parkhead or somewhere else.}


Every once in awhile a cause develops which is worth making a genuine stand for. Because we are a politically active firm, we appreciate this a lot more than most, and have experienced in person the bullying strategies that police officers will utilise to put an end to legal demonstrations.

We are proud to say that our practice is the first name that many political activists reach out to whenever they encounter legal consequences. Standing up for freedom of speech is at the centre of our business beliefs, and you can be certain that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from beginning to end any time you need us.|Due to our impressive track record and reputation for our involvement with politics, many protestors facing legal consequences reach out to us for representation. Making a stand for the public’s right to peaceful protest is close to the hearts of our Glasgow solicitors, and by utilising the combination of this drive and our practical experience, you can be certain your situation is in safe hands.}


Over the years, people have started to rely on us to assist them in regards to criminal appeals. Our lawyers have the knowledge and working experience to, firstly, advise on whether you should undertake an appeal at all. If we establish that you have a chance, you can then rely on us to secure a result.

Our solicitors in Glasgow will investigate every single opportunity for appeal, which means we will assess whether you received appropriate representation, searching for new evidence which was not available in your original trial, and working alongside Scotland’s best appeal experts to ensure that you are given the justice you are due.


Complications relating to licensing hamstrings a huge number of workers and enterprises across the nation every year. Whether you are in Parkhead or elsewhere and are looking to secure your alcohol license, a taxi driver missing out on work due to issues with your license to operate, or a private operation with an industry-specific difficulty, you can trust us to remedy the situation.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors provide you with reliable advice and outline the ins and outs of the law in question to you, but we will also represent you at local council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to make sure you have the best potential for a win.


Many businesses hire very talented and trustworthy lawyers to serve their traditional requirements, but that does not mean they are remotely qualified to defend you against criminal accusations. ‘White collar’ or corporate crime needs a specialist touch. It is extremely different when compared to ‘traditional’ crime, and demands specific knowledge in this discipline of criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors secured success in a wide variety of corporate cases, but our firm is also connected with the country’s most accomplished tax and IT specialists who will study your personal situation and the prosecution’s case for information helpful to us.


Terrorism is proving to be the story {of this time}, and it doesn’t seem to be changing at all. In the government’s attempt to put an end to this repeated occurrence, many innocent citizens have been wrongly charged and in some instances found guilty.

In an effort to address this unjust situation, our solicitors have made every effort to position our practice at the cutting edge of terrorist law criminal defence. By familiarising ourselves the fresh offences, together with the new powers offered to police officers, we can hold back this expanding level of harassment making certain rights are maintained.


Technological crimes are a fairly recent but increasingly notable element of British legislation, and we swiftly became aware it was important that our solicitors in Glasgow became comfortable with the legislation involved. Our dedicated cybercrime lawyers, consequently, have found remarkable success in a variety of cases and can represent clients in Parkhead and across Scotland.

We deal with a broad range of crimes including cyberstalking, web-based harassment, hacking, possession of illegal images, and much more. With Aamer Anwar and Co, you can rest assured we have invested time to acquaint ourselves with this brand new branch of criminal law in order to ensure you get the very best potential for success.


By law, an official investigation will always arise as soon as an accidental death takes place. If your business is connected in some way and is ‘invited’ to a session like this, then you have to immediately prepare appropriate representation.

You might not always be facing any form of repercussions , but you also could be without suitable support. You will be asked about the particular causes of the accident, together with your comprehension of any related legislation. With no aid, you may make yourself vulnerable to consequences.


Due to the media’s battle to get the news out first, innocent reputations can be destroyed as a consequence. Our Glasgow solicitors have achieved substantial success in legal battles of this nature, by either halting the story from being circulated altogether or by managing the after effects once the affair has already happened.

There are several elements that media law offices must take into account, and specific circumstances deviate from case to case. For this reason, we provide tailored approaches to accommodate your specific requirements and spending budget. Our committed team of specialists will make sure that your reputation obtains the protection it deserves.


Regardless of what drug-related criminal charge you are accused of being involved in, you can be positive we have the comprehension and skills to represent you properly. From lesser charges like possession to more extreme charges of supply, our lawyers will do whatever is required of them to be certain you get the very best result possible.

The government is hard on drug crime, and punishments usually hold a harsh sentence. Having said that, our specialist drug criminal lawyers have the experience and resources to handle anything they are faced with.


Finding yourself on the defencive side of a traffic law charge can change your life significantly. Making a single blunder while behind the wheel can leave you facing consequences that can put your license in jeopardy. Whether you are in Parkhead or elsewhere, our traffic law solicitors in Glasgow have taken care of every manner of case from driving while intoxicated, bad or dangerous driving, or driving without a license, providing us with lots of precious and practical experience.

Over the years our lawyers have handled a huge selection of cases in defence of taxi drivers, helping them to keep their license along with their livelihood. whenever the stakes are very high, you have to ensure you employ the best.


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