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Aamer Anwar and Co., is among Scotland’s major criminal defence solicitors. We have the ability to defend you at all steps of the court’s process in the UK, from Summary courts right through to the High Court and Supreme Court, which enables us to represent clients in Newarthill. We continuously strive to enhance our service by expanding our practical knowledge and professional relationships. By working tirelessly to keep up to date with the changing nature of the law, we can take on cases of all scales across numerous specialities.

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There is an increasing level of cohesiveness between countries in regards to handing over suspected criminals. The British government is more happy than ever before to grant worldwide demands for extradition of men and women within the UK.

Because the laws of this country in addition to foreign nations around the world are concerned, navigating these cases can be extremely intricate. Nevertheless, our Glasgow solicitors are well-versed in the processes involved and have ongoing associations with lawyers around the world. Whether you live in Newarthill or elsewhere, our firm will secure the best verdict possible, regardless of how dreadful the predicament might appear.


In 2002, parliament authorised itself new abilities to take exceptional amounts of assets from people and organisations charged with an offence. Our lawyers have familiarised themselves with each of the applicable processes in order to make sure we are able to tackle them.

It is essential to us that your rights under the law are protected and that you do not need to give up a penny over what is necessary. To accomplish this, we will build a team well-equipped to handle the specifics of your case. We will conduct our very own investigation; we refuse to simply take the court’s conclusion.


Having the right legal guidance when dealing with a serious allegation such as violence or murder essential. It is critical that you get in touch with our solicitors whether you are in Newarthill or elsewhere as soon as you become aware of the case in order to increase the likelihood of the whole thing being remedied promptly and discreetly.

In investigations of violence, especially murder, the police interrogation will help to influence the entire outcome of the final sentence. We employ several staff members especially for this purpose, who will ensure that you do not adversely influence your court case by misspeaking.


If you have been in an accident that was no fault of your own that has led to an injury, then you might qualify for compensation. Through cooperation with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have joined together our experience and resources to develop a service which you can be sure will give you the best possibility of success.

We know that if an accident has resulted in the fatality or lasting disability of a loved one, then no sum of money will fix your situation, but it can help in offsetting the financial uncertainty that can so often follow on from unfortunate accidents.


Being charged with a sex crime will take an emotional toll in addition to any sentence you may receive. From claims of misconduct, to rape, or even paedophilia, our lawyers will make every effort and employ every advantage available to us to result in the most effective result possible.

While allegations like this can be complicated to undertake, although the evidence involved is oftencomparatively unusual, our lawyers has the practical experience required to operate effectively. The expertise our lawyers have concerning sex crime will become clear throughout the case, and we will help you stay entirely up-to-date at all times.


If you are in Newarthill or elsewhere and are dealing with a criminal charge is nerve-racking and intimdating, irrespective of the offence in question. Understanding you have the best people for the job behind you, however, can make the entire process much more manageable.

At Aamer Anwar Law and Co, we have worked hard to make certain we have the depth of knowledge and expertise within our Glasgow solicitors firm to provide fantastic representation across a wide range of categories of law.

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The complexity of employment legislation means that it is not out of the ordinary for employers to wind up in civil courts or tribunals. At that stage, it is vital that you organise solid support. Our employment law team of Glasgow solicitors can represent you, and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We can also offer a support service to HR departments and employees, helping to guarantee business is compliant with British employment guidelines. Our team will guide you through recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our organisation’s immigration law team of Glasgow solicitors have labored hard to develop their impressive reputation. They have assured that all of their clients from across Scotland gets the representation they should have and stays well informed of their case through the entire process. Our firm can cooperate both with individuals, or with organisations.

Trying to get residency in the United Kingdom is a costly and extended procedure. Obviously, it is far from something you will want to undergo twice. We will tailor our service to match your particular situation. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get a result on the first try whether you are in Newarthill or somewhere else.|When carrying out a high priced process, including trying to get residency or citizenship in the UK, it is essential you get the end result you need on the first try. That explains why our experience is so valuable; by setting up a plan customised for your particular requirements, we will give you the best possible possibility of a win whether you live in Newarthill or somewhere else.}


Once in a while a cause arises which is worth making a genuine stand for. Because we are a politically active law practice, we realise this a lot more than most, and have seen personally the bullying tactics that the police will utilise to suppress peaceful demonstrations.

We are proud to say that our practice is the first a growing number of political activists think of whenever they face legal consequences. Standing up for political causes is at the heart of our business philosophy, and you can be certain that our Glasgow solicitors will be by your side from beginning to end any time you need us.|Due to our fantastic record and reputation for our engagement with politics, many protestors facing legal repercussions contact us for help. Making a stand for the public’s right to peaceful protest is important to our Glasgow solicitors, and by utilising a mixture of this passion and our practical experience, you can rest assured your case will be in good hands.}


Due to our thorough familiarity with the complexity of law along with the legal process, we are frequently commissioned to evaluate a case and figure out if an appeal can be made. Our experience throughout the years in effectively carrying out appeals has set us in an unparalleled position to secure a result.

There is an overwhelming assortment of reasons why an appeal can be made, but our solicitors in Glasgow are well-versed in them all. We will work relentlessly until every last path has been exhausted. This will require trying to find fresh evidence, evaluating your original court case, and cooperating with Britain’s foremost appeal experts.


Anyone who makes a living in an industry which demands governmental licenses to operate, will be familiar with the never-ending hoops you ordinarily need to jump through to qualify. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi licenses, to more niche permits, whether you live in Newarthill or elsewhere you can be certain our law firm will make the ordeal as easy as possible.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors give you reliable advice and describe the ins and outs of the law in question to you, but we will also represent you at council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to ensure you enjoy the greatest chance of a win.


When you are charged with ‘white collar’ or corporate offenses, then you must make sure you have a dedicated lawyer readily available who knows the specifics of these sorts of cases. You might well have company business lawyers who are very gifted at their job, but it is rare they will also fully understand criminal law.

Employing our fraud-specialised Glasgow solicitors and their access to the country’s foremost forensic accountants as well as IT and tax professionals, we will set up a team who will be perfectly qualified to dissect the case of whichever accusatory body is trying to charge you.


Terrorism is proving to be the tale {of our era}, and it doesn’t seem to be changing soon. In the government’s effort to halt this repeated occurrence, many innocent people have been falsely prosecuted and in some instances found guilty.

In an effort to fight this unjust situation, our solicitors have worked hard to place our practice at the leading edge of terrorist law criminal defence. By getting acquainted with the fresh offences, along with the new powers open to the police, we will subdue this expanding amount of harassment making certain justice is preserved.


Technological crimes are a somewhat new but progressively more prominent element of British legislation, and we promptly realised it was crucial that our solicitors in Glasgow became familiar with the legislation involved. Our dedicated cybercrime lawyers, therefore, have secured enormous success in numerous cases and can represent clients in Newarthill and across Scotland.

We handle a wide array of crimes such as cyberstalking, internet harassment, hacking, possession of illegal images, and much more. With Aamer Anwar and Co, you can be positive we have put aside time to familiarise ourselves with this brand new style of criminal law to make sure you get the very best potential for a win.


By law, an official investigation will always happen as soon as an accidental death transpires. If your business is involved for whatever reason and is ‘invited’ to a session such as this, then you ought to promptly put together suitable representation.

If you are asked to act as a witness in a fatal accident inquiry, you will be asked about the circumstances of the incident, as well as your awareness of any legislation which might have stopped the accident. Obviously, this may trigger legal consequences, which we can avert.


Because of the media’s battle to get the news out first, innocent reputations can be destroyed as a consequence. Our Glasgow solicitors have found a great deal of success in cases such as this, by either stopping the story from being circulated completely or by handling the fallout if the affair has already taken place.

The earlier the media gets news revealed, the more profit they will receive. Because of this, adequate journalism is frequently sacrificed in the name of haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do everything possible to address this, by preparing an injunction against the story or by making sure the responsible publications have to release follow up apologies and amendments.


Our skilled drug crime lawyers have a great deal of ability and knowledge when it comes to handling all scales of drug-related charges including possession, supply, trafficking, or production. Irrespective of how severe the charge is, you can be positive we will always treat you and your case with the utmost respect and thought.

The government is hard on drug crime, and punishments usually carry a harsh sentence. Even so, our expert drug criminal lawyers have the skills and assets to take care of everything they are up against.


There are a number of traffic-related violations which will quickly put you in front of a judge, and proper representation is critical in terms of protecting your license. Whether you have been charged with bad/dangerous driving, driving while intoxicated, or some other charge like driving without a license or insurance, if you are in Newarthill or somewhere else our traffic law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have practical experience in addressing the exact charge.

Over the years our lawyers have taken on numerous cases on behalf of taxi drivers, helping them to hold on to their license and their profession. If the stakes are very high, you must ensure you hire the best.


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