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Aamer Anwar and Co., is one of Scotland’s top criminal defence solicitors. We have the ability to defend you at all phases of the court’s process in the country, from Summary courts all the way through to the High Court and Supreme Court, which means we can act for clients in Milton of Campsie. We continuously work to enhance our service by broadening our practical knowledge and connections. By working relentlessly to stay current with the changing nature of the law, we can take on cases of any size over a variety of disciplines.

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The cooperation between countries regarding the exchange of individuals charged with a crime is more prevalent than it ever has been. When the government recognise a request and locate the relevant individual within their boundaries, they could very well comply.

Given that the laws of the UK as well as foreign states are involved, dealing these scenarios can be extremely complex. Nevertheless, our Glasgow solicitors are familiar with the procedures concerned and have working relationships with lawyers around the globe. Whether you live in Milton of Campsie or elsewhere, our firm will safeguard the best verdict possible, regardless of how grim your predicament might seem.


The 2002 ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ has given the crown remarkable ability in terms of requisitioning resources belonging to alleged criminal individuals or enterprises. We understand the methods that authorities employ to ensure they get the most cash they can and we have vast expertise in fighting them.

It is vital to our lawyers that your rights under the law are protected and that you don’t need to pay a penny more than you have to. To this end, we will assemble a team well-equipped to handle the particulars of your case. We will carry out our own investigation; we refuse to just settle for the court’s verdict.


Successful accusations of murder and violent assault will result in harsh sentences, and acquiring the unmatched defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be an invaluable asset. If you live in Milton of Campsie or elsewhere, by speaking to us without delay, you will secure yourself the greatest opportunity for a solid, speedy, and discrete result.

In investigations of violence, particularly murder, the police interview will help to dictate the full outcome of the final sentence. We employ a number of staff members specifically for this purpose, who will keep you right so that you do not detrimentally affect your court case by misspeaking.


When you suffer a personal injury that was not your fault, then you are worthy of compensation. Our practice has teamed up with Bonnar Law, the respected personal injury solicitors, to ensure that we are able to produce the greatest potential for a victory. By integrating our expertise and resources, we’ll maximise the money you obtain as a pay out.

We understand that if an incident has ended in the passing or permanent disability of a loved one, then no sum of money will fix your situation, but it can help with the financial problems that can so frequently result after unfortunate accidents.


Sex crime allegations are extremely serious, and you should organise defence immediately. From accusations of misconduct, to rape and paedophilia, they can all trigger substantial distress for the accused and their family and friends. Regardless of the charge, we will work tirelessly to make sure you receive the very best outcome.

Evidence associated with sex crime cases is incredibly complex and in most cases irregular, but our specialists are familiar with the procedures involved. This knowledge will be priceless when dealing with your situation, and our capacity to keep you up-to-date on what to expect will give much-needed reassurance.


If you are in Milton of Campsie or elsewhere and are facing a criminal charge is nerve-racking and unpleasant, irrespective of the offence in question. Having faith that you have got the finest lawyers for the job supporting you, however, will make the entire process a lot more manageable.

At Aamer Anwar Law and Co, we have made the effort to make certain we have the depth of knowledge and ability within our Glasgow solicitors firm to offer terrific representation across an array of categories of law.

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Because of the extensive and regularly developing world of employment law, it isn’t at all difficult to end up unexpectedly on the wrong side of a tribunal or civil court. You have to ensure that the legal team defending you have got the practical experience to serve you effectively; luckily, our team of specialist employment law Glasgow solicitors are always ready.

Moreover, we frequently deliver help to HR personnel, who require help navigating the trials of complicated employment law. From hiring/recruitment to terminations and internal investigations, our team will ensure that you remain on the right side of the law throughout.


Our Glasgow solicitors practice has worked tirelessly to build its position as being industry leaders when it comes to navigating immigration law for individuals throughout Scotland. We have prevailed in a number of cases for both individuals and commercial clientele, no matter how problematic the problem might appear to be.

Obtaining the right to residence in Britain is often an expensive and extended procedure. Obviously, it is far from something that you will want to undertake a second time. We will tailor our service to meet your particular requirements. Our immigration lawyers will help to ensure you get a result on the first try whether you are in Milton of Campsie or somewhere else.|When undertaking a high priced procedure, such as trying to get residency or citizenship in Britain, it is crucial you receive the result you need on your first attempt. That explains why our service is so worthwhile; by setting up a plan personalised for your specific requirements, we will present you with the very best prospect of success whether you live in Milton of Campsie or somewhere else.}


Once in a while a political cause arises which is worth making a genuine stand for. Due to being a politically active firm, we know this a lot more than most, and have experienced personally the bullying strategies that the authorities regularly employ to end peaceful protests.

We are proud to say that our practice is the first name a growing number of political activists think of once they encounter legal consequences. Standing up for freedom of expression and assembly is at the core of our company beliefs, and you can be sure that our Glasgow solicitors will be behind you from start to finish any time you need us.|Because of our fantastic track record and reputation for our participation with politics, many protestors facing legal repercussions come to us for representation. Standing up for the public’s right to lawful protest is vital to our Glasgow solicitors, and by utilising the combination of this commitment and our working experience, you can be certain your case is in safe hands.}


Due to our comprehensive familiarity with the complexity of law and the courtroom process, we are often hired to evaluate a case and figure out if an appeal can be made. Our experience in recent years in effectively conducting appeals has placed us in an unparalleled position to produce a win.

There is a mind-boggling variety of factors as to why an appeal can be pursued, but our solicitors in Glasgow are familiar them all of them. Our firm will work tirelessly until every single opportunity has been exhausted. This will necessitate trying to find fresh evidence, examining the original court case, and cooperating with Britain’s top appeal experts.


Anyone with practical experience in a sector which demands official licenses to operate, will be accustomed with the never-ending hoops you typically have to jump through to meet the criteria. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi paperwork, to more niche permits, whether you live in Milton of Campsie or elsewhere you can be certain our team of lawyers will make the experience as simple as possible.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors give you reliable advice and explain the intricacies of the law in question to you, but we’ll also represent you at council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to ensure you possess the greatest potential for victory.


Many organisations hire very talented and trustworthy lawyers to meet their everyday demands, but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily qualified to defend you against criminal accusations. ‘White collar’ or corporate crime necessitates a specialist touch. It is extremely different when compared to ‘traditional’ crime, and requires precise knowledge within this sector of criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors found a win in a huge number of white collar cases, but our firm is also allied with the country’s most reputable tax and IT specialists who can analyse your personal situation as well as the prosecution’s case for material helpful to us.


The severe surge in terrorist activity in our age has resulted in the government giving itself new powers to handle the issue. Regrettably, this has resulted in numerous innocent people being involved in charges and investigations that are unjust.

Our solicitors have made the effort to acquaint ourselves with this expanding legislation, along with the new powers which have been granted to the police. As is made clear by the volume of high profile cases we have taken care of, we will resist injustice and harassment to ensure innocent individuals are not caught in the crossfire of the law.


Electronic offences are a relatively modern aspect of law, and as a result many law practices have failed to take the time to completely learn and appreciate it. We have constructed a specialised team of solicitors in Glasgow who have got the technical, legal, and tactical expertise they need to produce results for clients across Scotland, in Milton of Campsie and elsewhere.

Cybercrime is an umbrella term which covers a number of offences including online harassment/stalking, hacking, and possessing indecent photographs or videos. Aamer Anwar and Co’s lawyers will collaborate closely with you and, when necessary, any relevant technological experts we are connected with, to guarantee you acquire a successful defence.


By law, a formal investigation will invariably come about when an accidental death takes place. If your operation is connected for whatever reason and is ‘invited’ to a meeting such as this, then you ought to promptly put together suitable representation.

If you are called up to act as a witness in a fatal accident inquiry, you will be interviewed about the circumstances of the event, as well as your comprehension of any legal guidelines that may have stopped the accident. Of course, this might lead to legal repercussions, which we could protect against.


The earlier the media gets news published, the more profit they will receive. This means that good journalism is frequently sacrificed to prioritise haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do anything possible to address this, by organising an injunction against the story or by ensuring the liable publications are forced to release subsequent apologies and amendments.

The sooner the press gets news printed, the more profit they can generate. This means that solid journalism is routinely forfeited to prioritise speed. Our Glasgow solicitors will do anything they can to address this, by organising an injunction against the story or by making sure the responsible publications have to distribute follow up apologies and amendments.


Our skilled drug crime lawyers have a wealth of skill and knowledge when it comes to managing all kinds of drug-related felonies including possession, supply, trafficking, or production. Irrespective of how severe the charge is, you can be certain we will always take care of both you and your case with the utmost respect and thought.

Drug felonies can lead to hefty sentences, even for minor infractions, and so it is crucial that you get in touch with one of our drug criminal lawyers with the total strength of our substantial resources behind them.


There are lots of vehicle-related charges which will quickly put you before a judge, and competent guidance is critical in terms of protecting your license. Whether you have been accused of bad/dangerous driving, driving under the influence, or any other violation like driving without a license or insurance, if you are in Milton of Campsie or somewhere else our traffic law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have practical experience in managing the particular charge.

Throughout the years our lawyers have dealt with numerous cases in defence of taxi drivers, making sure they keep their license as well as their way of life. When the stakes are so high, you need to be sure you employ the best.


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