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Aamer Anwar and Co., is one of Scotland’s leading criminal defence solicitors. We can represent at all stages of the court’s process in the UK, from Summary courts straight through to the High Court and Supreme Court, which enables us to act for people in Menstrie. We continuously endeavour to boost our company by broadening our expertise and associations. By working tirelessly to stay current with the evolving complexity of the law, we can tackle cases of all scales across numerous specialities.

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There is an increasing amount of cooperation between countries in regards to exchanging supposed criminals. The British government is more inclined than ever before to satisfy foreign requests for extradition of men and women within the UK.

Given that the laws of Britain together with foreign states are involved, settling these scenarios can be extremely complex. Nevertheless, our Glasgow solicitors are accustomed to the processes concerned and have valuable connections with lawyers around the world. Whether you live in Menstrie or elsewhere, our firm will safeguard the best verdict possible, in spite of how grim your situation might appear.


In 2002, the government awarded itself new powers to acquire unparalleled quantities of assets from people and enterprises charged with an offence. Our lawyers have familiarised themselves with all of the relevant tactics in order to ensure we are able to fight them.

By organising a tailored team which serves your exact necessities, we can use our combined knowledge to ensure that you aren’t required to give up any more than you need to. We have learned not to accept the prosecution’s verdict on the illegal profit you have obtained.


Successful allegations of murder and violent assault always carry harsh sentences, and obtaining the unparalleled defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be an invaluable asset. If you live in Menstrie or elsewhere, by getting in touch with us right away, you will give yourself the best potential for a positive, quick, and discrete final result.

In investigations of violence, especially murder, the police interrogation will help to dictate the whole direction of the criminal charge. We have numerous staff members especially for this occasion, who will keep you right so that you don’t negatively impact your court case by misspeaking.


If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault which has resulted in an injury, then you may qualify for compensation. Through cooperation with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have paired our knowledge and assets to establish a service that you can be sure offers you the very best chance of success.

If you have suffered the passing or permanent disability of a family member, we understand that money won’t make things right. Nevertheless, a cash settlement will help you to offset the possible financial chaos from losing a wage.


Sex crime accusations are extremely serious, and you will need to organise defence immediately. From accusations of misconduct, to rape and paedophilia, they can all trigger significant distress for the accused as well as their family and friends. No matter the charge, we will work tirelessly to make sure you receive the very best result.

While court cases like this can be complicated to navigate, and while the associated evidence is oftencomparatively unusual, our team has the skill necessary to operate effectively. The expertise our lawyers have concerning sex crime will become evident throughout the case, and we will keep you thoroughly up-to-date at all times.


If you are in Menstrie or elsewhere and are confronting a criminal charge is difficult and unpleasant, regardless of the crime in question. Recognising that you have the finest people for the task behind you, however, will make the whole process much more manageable.

At Aamer Anwar Law and Co, we have made a concerted effort to make certain we have the depth of knowledge and experience within our Glasgow solicitors firm to supply terrific representation through a wide range of branches of criminal law throughout Scotland.

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With the vast and consistently developing field of employment law, it is not at all difficult to find yourself unexpectedly on the wrong side of a tribunal or civil court. You need to be sure that the lawyers representing you have the skills to support you appropriately; thankfully, our team of specialist employment law Glasgow solicitors are always available.

Additionally, we often deliver guidance to HR teams, who need help negotiating the ins and outs of tricky employment law. From hiring/recruiting to terminations and internal investigations, our team will ensure that you stay on the correct side of the law throughout.


Our firm’s immigration law team of Glasgow solicitors have worked relentlessly to develop their outstanding reputation. They have guaranteed that each and every one of their clients from across Scotland is provided with the counsel they need and stays well updated of their situation throughout the process. Our firm can work both with individuals, or with businesses.

Obtaining residency in Great Britain can be an expensive and prolonged process. Obviously, it is not something that you would want to undergo a second time. We will tailor our service to meet your particular requirements. Our immigration lawyers will help to ensure you get a result on the first try whether you are in Menstrie or somewhere else.|When undertaking an expensive procedure, like applying for residency or citizenship in Britain, it is essential you get the end result you desire on the initial try. This is why our service is so worthwhile; by creating a strategy customised for your unique requirements, we will provide you with the best possible chance of victory whether you live in Menstrie or somewhere else.}


Every now and again a political cause arises that is worth making a sacrifice for. As a politically active firm, we understand this a lot more than most, and have seen upfront the intimidation methods that law enforcement can employ to suppress legitimate protests.

It is an honour to say that our company is the first that a great many political activists go to when they face legal consequences. Taking a stand for freedom of speech is at the centre of our business values, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from start to finish any time you need us.|Due to our fantastic record and reputation for our participation with politics, many activists facing legal consequences contact us for help. Making a stand for people’s right to lawful demonstration is important to our Glasgow solicitors, and with a mixture of this passion and our expertise, you can be certain your case will be in safe hands.}


Throughout the years, people have come to depend on our firm to assist them in regards to criminal appeals. Our team has the knowledge and working experience to, firstly, give advice on whether you should undertake an appeal at all. If we determine that you should proceed, you can then depend on us to produce a result.

There is a mind-boggling number of reasons why an appeal can be made, but our solicitors in Glasgow are familiar them all of them. Our lawyers will work non-stop until every opportunity has been exhausted. This involves searching for fresh evidence, analysing the initial court case, and working with Britain’s foremost appeal experts.


Issues relating to licensing hold back a huge number of individuals and businesses all over Great Britain each and every year. Whether you are in Menstrie or elsewhere and need to acquire your right to sell alcohol, a taxi driver sacrificing business due to troubles with your license to operate, or a private company with an industry-specific dilemma, you can rely on us to rectify the situation.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors give you sound advice and outline the complexities of the relevant law to you, but we will also represent you at local council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to make sure you possess the greatest potential for success.


Many companies retain very capable and trustworthy lawyers to serve their day to day needs, but that does not mean they are at all qualified to safeguard you against criminal allegations. ‘White collar’ or corporate crime requires a specialist touch. The discipline is extremely distinct in comparison to ‘traditional’ crime, and needs specific awareness within this discipline of criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors seen a win in a broad range of white collar cases, but our firm is also in cooperation with the country’s most reputable tax and IT specialists who will assess your unique circumstances as well as the prosecution’s case for details beneficial to us.


Terrorism really is the story {of our era}, and it does not look to be changing at all. In the government’s attempt to eliminate this repeated occurrence, many innocent people have been mistakenly charged and in some cases convicted.

Our solicitors have made a conscious effort to acquaint ourselves with this new legislation, as well as the fresh powers which have been granted to the police. As you can tell from the variety of high profile situations we have addressed, we can fight injustice and harassment to make sure innocent persons are not affected by the crossfire of the government.


Technological offences are a fairly modern aspect of law, and for that reason many law practices haven’t taken the time to thoroughly grasp and appreciate it. We have built a specialist team of solicitors in Glasgow with all of the technical, legal, and strategic knowledge they need to secure results for clients across Scotland, in Menstrie and elsewhere.

Cybercrime is an umbrella phrase which includes a number of offences such as online harassment/stalking, hacking, and possession of indecent images. Aamer Anwar and Co’s lawyers will cooperate closely with you and, when necessary, any appropriate technological specialists we are partnered with, to guarantee you obtain a successful defence.


By law, an official investigation will invariably come about any time an accidental death transpires. If your operation is connected in some way and is ‘invited’ to an inquiry such as this, then you ought to rapidly arrange appropriate representation.

If you are asked to be a witness in an inquiry like this, you will be interviewed about what you know of the event, along with your awareness of any legislation that may have stopped the accident. Of course, this might cause legal repercussions, which we will prevent.


Thanks to the media’s competition to announce the news first, innocent reputations are often compromised as a consequence. Our Glasgow solicitors have met a great deal of success in legal battles of this nature, by either halting the story from being written and published entirely or by handling the after effects once the event has already happened.

The quicker the media gets news printed, the more profit they will obtain. This means that ample journalism is often given up in the name of speed. Our Glasgow solicitors will do anything possible to handle this, by preparing an injunction against the story or by making sure the accountable publications are forced to publish subsequent apologies and corrections.


Whatever drug-related criminal charge you are allegedly involved in, you can rest assured we possess the knowledge and skills to represent you appropriately. From small-scale possession to more severe accusations of supply, our team will do anything required of them to make sure you get the greatest result possible.

The government is tough on drug crime, and punishments usually hold a severe sentence. Nevertheless, our specialist drug criminal lawyers have the skills and assets to handle anything they are faced with.


There are various road-related offences which can quickly put you before a judge, and qualified representation is crucial in terms of protecting your right to drive. Whether you have been charged with bad/dangerous driving, drunk driving, or some other violation like driving without a license or insurance, if you are in Menstrie or somewhere else our road law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have practical experience in managing the specific charge.

Over the years our lawyers have dealt with a huge selection of cases in defence of taxi drivers, helping them to hold on to their license along with their profession. If the stakes are very high, you must make sure you hire the best.


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