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For the finest criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, there is no alternative to Aamer Anwar and Co. We are one of Scotland’s top criminal defence solicitors and represent in every courtroom in this country, meaning we can act for clients from Dunbartonshire. We don’t think there is ever an excuse to stop getting better, which is the reason why we work each and every day to advance our knowledge of our industry and our community of individuals within it which we can cooperate with.

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There is an increasing level of cohesiveness between countries in regards to handing over presumed criminals. Our government is more happy than ever before to grant international requests for extradition of men and women within the UK.

Since the laws of this country in addition to other nations around the world are involved, dealing these situations can be extremely tricky. However, our Glasgow solicitors are well-acquainted with the procedures included and have valuable connections with lawyers all over the world. Whether you live in Dunbartonshire or elsewhere, our firm will guarantee the best verdict possible, in spite of how dire the predicament may seem.


The 2002 ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ has given the court new power in terms of requisitioning resources belonging to convicted criminal persons or organisations. We are familiar with the methods that authorities utilise to guarantee they receive the most cash possible and we have vast expertise in fighting them.

It is vital to our firm that your rights under the law are protected and that you don’t need to give up a penny more than essential. To this end, we will build a team more than capable of dealing the particulars of your case. We will perform our own investigation; we won’t merely take the court’s word.


Successful allegations of murder or violent assault will lead to significant punishments, and having the unparalleled defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be an invaluable advantage. If you live in Dunbartonshire or elsewhere, by getting in contact with us without delay, you will provide yourself the greatest possibility of a positive, swift, and discrete result.

In investigations of violence, particularly murder, the police interview will help to dictate the complete outcome of the criminal charge. We employ several lawyers specifically for this occurrence, who will keep you right so that you don’t negatively influence your court case by misspeaking.


If you’ve been in an accident that was not your fault which has ended in an injury, you might be eligible for compensation. Through cooperation with the personal injury solicitors at Bonnar Law, we have paired our knowledge and assets to develop a service which you can be certain gives you the very best chance of winning your case.

Our firm understands that if an accident has caused the passing or permanent disability of a family member, then no sum of money will improve your situation, but it can assist in offsetting the financial uncertainty that can so often follow on soon after unfortunate accidents.


Being charged with a sex crime will take a mental toll over and above any sentence you could receive. From claims of misconduct, to rape, or even sexual abuse of minors, we will do everything possible and employ every advantage available to us to secure the very best outcome possible.

While court cases of this nature can be tricky to tackle, even though the evidence concerned can be very unusual, our firm has the working experience required to operate productively. The expertise we have regarding sex crime will become very clear as the case goes on, and we will help you stay thoroughly updated at all times.


If you find yourself dealing with criminal accusations, feeling some worry and uncertainty is unavoidable. Nonetheless, if you are in Dunbartonshire or elsewhere, knowing that you have a gifted and effective team of lawyers committed to ensuring you receive the finest outcome achievable will bring about real relief.

In our attempt to safeguard justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have become well acquainted with several divisions within criminal law, and have built several crucial cooperative associations to ensure your case receives the absolute best representation across Scotland.

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The complexity of employment law ensures that it is not uncommon for employers to end up in civil courts or tribunals. When this happens, it is vital that you arrange reliable support. Our employment law team of Glasgow solicitors can represent you, and make sure your case goes as fluidly as it can.

Moreover, we regularly offer assistance to HR teams, who require help negotiating the ins and outs of complicated employment law. From recruiting/hiring to terminations and internal investigations, our firm will ensure that you stay on the legal side of the law at all times.


Our practice’s immigration law team of Glasgow solicitors have labored hard to establish their flawless reputation. They have assured that all of their clients throughout Scotland receives the counsel they need and is kept well informed of their situation during the entire process. Our team can work either with individuals, or with organisations.

Applying for residency in the United Kingdom can be a costly and lengthy process. Naturally, it’s not something you would want to undergo twice. We will customise our service to accomodate your specific needs. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get your chosen outcome the first time whether you are in Dunbartonshire or somewhere else.|When undertaking a costly procedure, like applying for residency or citizenship in the United Kingdom, it is essential you receive the outcome you need on your initial attempt. This is the reason why our expertise is so important; by developing a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances, we will supply you with the greatest chance for success whether you live in Dunbartonshire or somewhere else.}


From time to time a political cause comes along which is worth making a genuine stand for. Because we are a politically active law firm, we understand this more than most, and have experienced personally the bullying strategies that law enforcement will employ to end peaceful demonstrations.

We are proud of the fact that our practice is the first that a great many political activists reach out to once they face legal repercussions. Standing for freedom of speech is at the heart of our business values, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from beginning to end any time you need us.|Due to our superb track record and reputation for our engagement with politics, many activists facing legal repercussions contact us for help. Standing up for people’s right to peaceful demonstration is close to the hearts of our Glasgow solicitors, and by employing the combination of this determination and our working experience, you can be positive your situation is in safe hands.}


Over the years, people have started to count on our firm to assist them when it comes to criminal appeals. Our lawyers have the understanding and practical experience to, initially, offer advice on whether you should pursue an appeal at all. If we conclude that the answer is yes, you can then rely on us to secure a result.

Our solicitors in Glasgow will exhaust every last chance for appeal, which means we will examine whether you were given appropriate representation, looking for new evidence which was not available in your original trial, and collaborating with Scotland’s best appeal experts to make certain that you receive the treatment you deserve.


Anyone who makes a living in a business which requires formal licenses to operate, will be familiar with the never-ending hoops you ordinarily need to jump through to be approved. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi licenses, to industry-specific permits, whether you live in Dunbartonshire or elsewhere you can have faith that our law firm will make the ordeal as smooth as it can be.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors offer you sound guidance and describe the complexities of the law in question to you, but we can also represent you at council panels and the Burgh Halls to be sure you enjoy the best probability of victory.


If you are charged with corporate or ‘white collar’ offenses, then you need to make sure you have a dedicated lawyer on-hand who knows the intricacies of this sort of case. You may well have company business lawyers who are very effective at their job, yet it is rare that they also fully grasp criminal law.

Utilising our white collar specialists Glasgow solicitors together with their connections with the nation’s best forensic accountants as well as IT and tax specialists, we will put together a team who will be perfectly qualified to dissect the case of whichever prosecution body is seeking to charge you.


The severe increase in terrorist activity in our age has brought about the government allowing itself fresh abilities to tackle the situation. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a number of innocent people becoming involved in charges and investigations which are unfair.

In an effort to address this injustice, our solicitors have made every effort to place our practice at the leading edge of terrorist law legal defence. By getting acquainted with the new offences, in addition to the new powers available to the police, we will be able to reduce this developing amount of harassment ensuring that liberties are maintained.


Technological crimes are a somewhat new but significantly notable facet of British legislation, and we quickly became aware it was vital that our solicitors in Glasgow became well-acquainted with the discipline. Our specialsied cybercrime lawyers, therefore, have seen enormous success in several cases and can represent clients in Dunbartonshire and across Scotland.

Cybercrime is a broad term which includes an assortment of crimes including online stalking/harassment, hacking, and possession of indecent photographs or videos. Aamer Anwar and Co’s team will work closely with you and, whenever needed, any appropriate technical experts we are partnered with, to make sure you acquire a successful defence.


In the event of accidental death, there will be a mandatory investigation regarding the circumstances which led to the fatality. If you, or your organisation, is ‘invited’ to an inquiry like this, it is vital that you employ appropriate legal assistance as fast as possible.

You might not automatically be facing any kind of repercussions , but you also could be without appropriate advice. You will have to answer questions about the exact causes of the incident, as well as your comprehension of any relevant legal guidelines. With no support, you can leave yourself vulnerable to consequences.


Thanks to the media’s battle to print the news first, innocent reputations are often jeopardized in the process. Our Glasgow solicitors have seen a lot of success in legal battles like this, by either blocking the story from being printed completely or by handling the after effects if the event has already taken place.

The sooner the press gets news published, the more profit they will earn. As a result, good journalism is frequently sacrificed in the name of haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do anything possible to tackle this, by setting up an injunction against the story or by ensuring the accountable publications are forced to publish follow-up apologies and corrections.


Our skilled drug crime lawyers possess a great deal of expertise and knowledge in regards to managing all sorts of drug-related charges such as possession, supply, trafficking, or production. Regardless of how serious the charge is, you can be positive we will always treat both you and your case with the utmost respect and consideration.

Drug felonies may result in substantial prison sentences, even for small offences, so it is critical that you get in touch with one of our drug criminal lawyers with the total power of our vast assets behind them.


There are a number of traffic-related charges which will rapidly place you in front of a judge, and capable counsel is essential in terms of protecting your right to drive. Regardless of whether you have been accused of bad/dangerous driving, drunk driving, or some other offence like driving without a license or insurance, if you are in Dunbartonshire or somewhere else our road law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have working experience in managing the particular charge.

Our organisation also specialises in representing the taxi industry. It isn’t uncommon for drivers to lose their income for simply endeavoring to do their job, and it is vital that you get proper representation.


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