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Aamer Anwar and Co., is among Scotland’s top criminal defence solicitors. We are able to stand for you at all stages of the court’s process in the UK, from Summary courts all the way through to the High Court and Supreme Court, which lets our firm represent people in Campsie Glen. We continually endeavour to elevate our company by extending our practical knowledge and professional relationships. By working relentlessly to stay current with the evolving nature of the law, we can take on cases of all scales over numerous specialities.

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There is an expanding level of collaboration between nations in regards to swapping presumed criminals. This nation’s government is more prepared than ever before to fulfill global demands for extradition of men and women within our borders.

Because the laws of this nation together with other countries are concerned, navigating these scenarios can be exceptionally tricky. Nevertheless, our Glasgow solicitors are familiar with the procedures concerned and have ongoing connections with lawyers around the world. Whether you live in Campsie Glen or elsewhere, our firm will guarantee the best result possible, regardless of how terrible your situation may seem.


In 2002, parliament authorised itself new abilities to take unprecedented levels of assets from persons and enterprises convicted of an offence. Our firm has familiarised itself with all of the applicable tactics in order to guarantee we are able to fight them.

By organising a personalised team which suits your exact needs, we are able to utilise our combined knowledge to ensure you aren’t required to give up a pound more than you need to. We know better than to accept the prosecution’s opinion on the illegal earnings you have received.


Successful accusations of murder or violent assault always result in severe sentences, and possessing the unrivalled defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be a priceless asset. If you live in Campsie Glen or elsewhere, by getting in contact with us immediately, you will give yourself the greatest potential for a solid, swift, and discrete result.

Normally, the police interview will play a pivotal role in the entire case. Our seasoned police station personnel will assist you over the full process and will guarantee you are in the best position possible for the imminent trial.


If you endure an injury which was not your fault, then you are worthy of compensation. We have teamed up with Bonnar Law, the reputable personal injury solicitors, to be sure that we can generate the best prospect of success. By merging our expertise and resources, we’ll maximise the money you get as a settlement.

Our firm appreciates that if an incident has ended in the passing or permanent disability of a family member, then no amount of money will improve your situation, but it can help with the financial uncertainty that will so frequently follow on soon after unfortunate accidents.


Sex crime accusations are extremely serious, and you’ll need to arrange defence quickly. From allegations of misconduct, to sexual assault and paedophilia, they can all trigger substantial stress for the accused along with their loved ones. No matter the charge, we will give our all to ensure that you receive the very best outcome.

Evidence associated with sex crime cases is exceedingly complex and often irregular, but our experts are familiar with the systems involved. This knowledge will be priceless when addressing your situation, and our capability of keeping you updated on what to expect can provide much-needed peace of mind.


If you are in Campsie Glen or elsewhere and are going through a criminal charge is demanding and unpleasant, regardless of the crime in question. Having faith you have the best lawyers for the task beside you, however, can make the entire process a lot more manageable.

In our endeavor to defend justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have made themselves familiar with several areas within criminal law, and have established a number of vital collaborative associations to make sure your case gets the absolute best representation across Scotland.

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The complexity of employment legislation means that it is not uncommon for employers to end up in civil courts or tribunals. When this happens, it is essential that you get solid representation. Our employment law team of Glasgow solicitors can represent you, and assist in making your case goes as smoothly as it can.

Additionally, we frequently offer help to human resources teams, who require help navigating the trials of complicated employment law. From hiring/recruitment to terminations and internal investigations, we will ensure that you remain on the correct side of the law at all times.


Our Glasgow solicitors practice has worked hard to establish its position as leading the pack in terms of negotiating immigration law for people throughout Scotland. We have prevailed in numerous cases for both individuals as well as commercial clientele, no matter how difficult the problem may appear to be.

Trying to get the right to residence in the UK can be a costly and drawn out process. Naturally, it’s not something that you would want to undergo a second time. We will tailor our service to match your particular requirements. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get a win the first time whether you are in Campsie Glen or somewhere else.|When going through a costly process, like trying to get residency or citizenship in the United Kingdom, it is vital you get the result you want on your first try. This explains why our service is so worthwhile; by crafting a strategy personalised for your particular circumstances, we will provide you with the very best prospect of success whether you live in Campsie Glen or somewhere else.}


Every once in awhile, prosecution is the price we have to pay to make our political beliefs known. From our own experience in standing for causes, we understand that the police can use harassment and unneeded charges to bully a crowd and move it along.

We are proud of the fact that our practice is the first name that many political activists go to when they encounter legal consequences. Taking a stand for freedom of expression and assembly is at the core of our business beliefs, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will be behind you from beginning to end whenever you need us.|As a result of our fantastic record and reputation for our participation with politics, many activists facing charges contact us for representation. Making a stand for people’s right to peaceful demonstration is close to the hearts of our Glasgow solicitors, and by using a mixture of this drive and our working experience, you can be sure your situation will be in good hands.}


As a result of our deep familiarity with the intricacies of law and the courtroom process, we are frequently employed to examine a case and assess whether or not an appeal is appropriate. Our practical experience over the years in successfully carrying out appeals has put us in an unparalleled position to produce a win.

There is an overwhelming number of reasons why an appeal could be pursued, but our solicitors in Glasgow are familiar them each and every one of them. Our lawyers will work non-stop until every opportunity has been explored fully. This will necessitate trying to find new evidence, going over the initial court case, and collaborating with Britain’s leading appeal experts.


Anyone with practical experience in a business which demands specific licenses to operate, will be familiar with the endless hoops you ordinarily need to jump through to meet the criteria. From licenses to sell alcohol, to taxi licenses, to more niche permits, whether you live in Campsie Glen or elsewhere you can have faith that our law firm will make the ordeal as easy as it can be.

Our Glasgow solicitors are committed to ensuring that you are completely up to date throughout the whole application procedure, and have the experience to deliver sound and practical advice to assist with your case. When required, our firm can even represent you at Burgh Halls and council meetings.


When you are accused of corporate or ‘white collar’ violations, then you have to ensure that you have a specialised lawyer on hand who appreciates the complexities of these kinds of cases. You could well have company business lawyers who are very talented at what they do, yet it is rare they will also fully understand criminal law.

Not only have our Glasgow solicitors found a victory in a vast number of white collar cases, but we are also allied with the nation’s most accomplished tax and IT specialists who will analyse your specific situation and the prosecution’s case for details helpful to us.


Terrorism is increasingly becoming the tale {of our time}, and it doesn’t seem to be calming down. In parliament’s attempt to prevent this phenomenon, many innocents have been incorrectly prosecuted and occasionally convicted.

Our solicitors have made the effort to familiarise ourselves with this new legislation, along with the new powers that have been given to the police. As can be seen by the number of high profile situations we have dealt with, we will resist injustice and harassment to make sure innocent individuals are not caught in the crossfire of the authorities.


Technological crimes are a relatively new but significantly notable aspect of British law, and we rapidly realised it was important that our solicitors in Glasgow became well-acquainted with the legislation involved. Our specialist cybercrime team, consequently, have secured enormous success in various cases and can represent clients in Campsie Glen and across Scotland.

Cybercrime is an umbrella term which consists of a variety of crimes such as online stalking/harassment, hacking, and possession of indecent photographs or videos. Aamer Anwar and Co’s team will work closely with you and, when needed, any useful technical specialists we are partnered with, to make sure you enjoy a powerful defence.


In response to accidental death, there will be a mandatory investigation concerning the circumstances which led to the fatality. If you, or your company, is ‘invited’ to an inquiry of this kind, it’s critical you organise proper legal assistance immediately.

If you are called up to act as a witness in an inquiry like this, you will be interviewed about the circumstances of the event, along with your awareness of any laws which may have stopped the accident. Of course, this can cause legal repercussions, which we will protect against.


Because of the media’s competition to reveal the news first, innocent reputations are commonly affected along the way. Our Glasgow solicitors have met significant success in cases such as this, by either blocking the story from being printed entirely or by handling the fallout if the event has already happened.

The faster the press gets news revealed, the more cash they will receive. Because of this, solid journalism is regularly forfeited in the name of haste. Our Glasgow solicitors will do everything possible to address this, by setting up an injunction against the story or by making sure the accountable publications are forced to distribute follow up apologies and corrections.


Regardless of what drug-related criminal charge you are accused of being involved in, you can rest assured we hold the understanding and skills to defend you effectively. From smaller charges such as possession to more severe allegations of supply, our team will do anything required of them to make sure you get the very best result possible.

The government is harsh on drug crime, and sentences usually carry a severe punishment. Nonetheless, our specialist drug criminal lawyers have the expertise and assets to manage anything they are confronted with.


Finding yourself on the wrong end of a driving law charge can change your life substantially. Making just one mistake while behind the wheel can have you confronting repercussions that can put your right to drive in jeopardy. Whether you are in Campsie Glen or elsewhere, our traffic law solicitors in Glasgow have dealt with all manner of cases from drunk driving, bad or dangerous driving, or driving with no license, granting us plenty of precious and practical expertise.

Our organisation also specialises in assisting the taxi industry. It is far from out of the ordinary for drivers to be forced out of their profession for just trying to do their job, so it is vital that you get appropriate representation.


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