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For the most effective criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, look no further than Aamer Anwar and Co. We are among Scotland’s major criminal defence solicitors and represent in every courtroom in the country, which means we can act for individuals in Argyll and Bute. We do not believe there is ever an excuse to stop getting better, which is the reason why we endeavor day after day to expand our knowledge of our industry and our circle of professionals within it which we can cooperate with.

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There is a growing amount of cohesiveness between nations when it comes to swapping presumed criminals. Our authorities are more ready than ever before to grant worldwide requests for extradition of people within the UK.

British law is problematic enough, but once you add the laws of a foreign judicial system it will become much more tricky. Whether you live in Argyll and Bute or elsewhere, our solicitors have set up important associations with overseas lawyers, in addition to focusing their own individual abilities, to help ensure that they can make a stand for you irrespective of how hopeless your situation might seem.


The 2002 ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ has given the court new ability in terms of seizing resources belonging to alleged criminal persons or enterprises. We know the methods that governing bodies use to ensure they obtain as much money as they can and we have vast knowledge of dealing with them.

By organising a bespoke team which accommodates your specific needs, we can use our combined understanding to ensure you do not have to pay a pound more than you need to. We have learned not to accept the prosecution’s consensus on the criminal revenue you have gained.


Successful accusations of murder and violent assault will result in tough punishments, and having the unparalleled defence of our Glasgow solicitors will be an important resource. If you live in Argyll and Bute or elsewhere, by speaking to us right away, you will give yourself the best prospects for a solid, quick, and discrete result.

In investigations of violence, particularly murder, the police interrogation will help to influence the full direction of the criminal charge. We have several lawyers especially for this purpose, who will ensure you do not detrimentally affect your court case by misspeaking.


When you experience a personal injury that was someone else’s fault, then you deserve compensation. We have collaborated with Bonnar Law, the dependable personal injury solicitors, to make certain we can secure the best chance of victory. By integrating our knowledge and resources, we can maximise the money you obtain as a pay out.

Our firm appreciates that if an accident has led to the death or permanent disability of a loved one, then no level of compensation will mend your situation, but it can help in offsetting the financial difficulties that can so often follow on after unfortunate accidents.


Being accused of a sex crime will take an emotional toll on top of any sentence you may receive. From suggestions of sexual misconduct, to rape, or even sexual abuse of minors, we will make every effort and use every advantage available to us to secure the greatest end result possible.

Evidence compiled in sex crime cases is incredibly complicated and in most cases irregular, but our specialists are comfortable with the systems involved. This awareness will be priceless when addressing your situation, and our capability of keeping you kept up to date on what to expect can provide much-needed reassurance.


If you are in Argyll and Bute or elsewhere and are facing a criminal charge is difficult and unpleasant, regardless of the crime in question. Recognising that you have the finest lawyers for the job beside you, however, will make the whole process much more manageable.

In our endeavor to preserve justice, our team of Glasgow solicitors have become familiar with numerous disciplines within criminal law, and have founded multiple key collaborative partnerships to ensure your case obtains the finest representation across Scotland.

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The complexity of employment law means that it is not out of the ordinary for employers to wind up in civil courts or tribunals. When this happens, it is crucial that you arrange reliable representation. Our employment law team of Glasgow solicitors can physically represent you, and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as it can.

We can also provide assistance to HR departments and employees, helping to ensure your business conforms with all British employment guidelines. Our team will keep you right with recruitment, terminations, and internal investigations.


Our Glasgow solicitors practice has worked tirelessly to establish its position as being leaders in terms of navigating immigration law for individuals throughout Scotland. We have been successful in a huge number of cases both for individuals along with commercial clientele, regardless of how problematic the situation may seem to be.

Obtaining the right to residence in Great Britain is often a costly and extended process. Obviously, it’s not something you will want to undergo a second time. We will tailor our service to match your specific requirements. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get a result on your initial try whether you are in Argyll and Bute or somewhere else.|When carrying out an expensive process, for instance applying for residency or citizenship in the UK, it is essential you receive the result you need on the first attempt. That is the reason our experience is so worthwhile; by crafting a strategy personalised for your unique requirements, we will present you with the best possible chance for success whether you are in Argyll and Bute or somewhere else.}


Once in a while a political cause arises that is worth making a sacrifice for. Due to being a politically active law firm, we realise this more than most, and have witnessed in person the pressure methods that the authorities will utilise to dissuade peaceful protests.

We are proud of the fact that our company is the first that many political activists come to whenever they are dealing with legal consequences. Taking a stand for political causes is at the centre of our business beliefs, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from start to finish any time you need us.|Because of our brilliant record and reputation for our participation with politics, many pressure groups facing legal consequences reach out to us for assistance. Making a stand for people’s right to legitimate demonstration is important to our Glasgow solicitors, and by using the combination of this commitment and our practical knowledge, you can rest assured your situation is in safe hands.}


Throughout the years, people have started to depend on us to keep them right in regards to criminal appeals. Our lawyers have the know-how and working experience to, to begin with, advise on whether you should undertake an appeal at all. If we establish that you have a chance, you can then rely upon us to deliver a result.

Our solicitors in Glasgow will investigate every single avenue for appeal, meaning we will evaluate whether you were given appropriate representation, trying to find new evidence which was unavailable in your first trial, and collaborating with Scotland’s most effective appeal experts to ensure that you benefit from the justice you are due.


Concerns relating to licensing cripples a huge number of individuals and companies all over the UK each and every year. Whether you are in Argyll and Bute or elsewhere and are looking to secure your alcohol license, a taxi driver sacrificing business because of issues with your certificate to drive, or a private operation with an industry-specific dilemma, you can depend on us to remedy the situation.

Not only will our Glasgow solicitors offer you reliable advice and explain the complexities of the relevant law to you, but we will also represent you at council board meetings and the Burgh Halls to make sure you possess the best probability of victory.


When you are charged with ‘white collar’ or corporate violations, then you need to make sure you have a specialised lawyer on hand who is familiar with the intricacies of these types of cases. You could well have company business lawyers who are very proficient at their job, but it is rare they will also understand criminal law.

Employing our expert fraud Glasgow solicitors along with their connections with the country’s best forensic accountants as well as IT and tax specialists, we will build a team who’ll be perfectly qualified to dissect the case of whichever prosecution body is seeking to charge you.


Terrorism is proving to be the tale {of our time}, and it doesn’t look to be changing soon. In the government’s endeavor to prevent this violence, many innocents have been incorrectly tried and even found guilty.

In order to address this injustice, our solicitors have worked hard to position our firm at the leading edge of terrorist law criminal defence. By getting to know the fresh offences, along with the new powers available to police officers, we will reduce this expanding level of harassment ensuring that liberties are maintained.


Electronic crimes are a fairly recent aspect of law, which many firms have yet to take the time to thoroughly grasp and appreciate it. We have created a specific team of solicitors in Glasgow who have got the technical, legal, and tactical expertise they require to deliver results for clients across Scotland, in Argyll and Bute and elsewhere.

We handle a wide array of crimes which include cyberstalking, web-based harassment, hacking, possession of indecent images, and a great deal more. With Aamer Anwar and Co, you can rest assured we have put aside time to familiarise ourselves with this completely new feature of criminal law in order to guarantee you enjoy the greatest prospect of a win.


In response to accidental death, there will be a compulsory investigation concerning the conditions which brought about the loss of life. If you, or your company, is ‘invited’ to an inquiry of this kind, it’s critical you employ solid legal assistance immediately.

If you are requested to be a witness in an inquiry like this, you will be interviewed about your knowledge of the situation, together with your understanding of any regulations which may have prevented the accident. Obviously, this may cause legal implications, which we are able to avert.


Thanks to the media’s race to get the news out first, innocent reputations are often compromised along the way. Our Glasgow solicitors have achieved a lot of success in legal battles of this nature, by either halting the story from being printed completely or by dealing with the after effects when the event has already occurred.

There are a number of factors that media law firms have got to take into consideration, and specific circumstances differ from situation to situation. For this reason, we provide tailor-fit solutions to cater to your specific requirements and spending plan. Our dedicated team of specialists will guarantee that your standing gets the defence it deserves.


Our seasoned drug crime lawyers have a wealth of skill and knowledge in regards to handling all sorts of drug-related felonies like possession, supply, trafficking, or production. No matter how severe the charge is, you can be positive we will always handle both you and your case with the utmost respect and thought.

Drug felonies can result in hefty prison sentences, even for minor infractions, and so it is critical that you get in contact with one of our drug criminal lawyers with the complete strength of our vast assets behind them.


There are a number of vehicle-related offences which can promptly place you in front of a judge, and competent guidance is critical when it comes to protecting your right to drive. Whether you have been accused of bad/dangerous driving, driving while intoxicated, or some other offence such as driving without a license or insurance, if you are in Argyll and Bute or somewhere else our traffic law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have practical experience in dealing with the particular charge.

Our firm also specialises in working with the taxi industry. It is far from unusual for drivers to lose their livelihood for just attempting to do their job, and it is critical that you get proper counsel.


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