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For the very finest criminal defence solicitors in Scotland, there is no other option than Aamer Anwar and Co. We are one of Scotland’s leading criminal defence solicitors and represent in every court in this country, which means we can act for people in Annan. We don’t believe there is ever a reason to stop improving, and that’s why we strive every single day to advance our knowledge of our industry and our circle of professionals within it which we can work closely with.

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The cooperation between countries regarding the exchange of individuals accused of crimes is more commonplace than it has been in previous years. If the government acknowledge a request and find the individual in question within their territory, they might very well comply.

British legislation is complicated enough, but as soon as you bring in the laws of a different judicial system it becomes considerably more complicated. Regardless of whether you live in Annan or elsewhere, our solicitors have set up vital connections with overseas lawyers, as well as sharpening their individual abilities, to help ensure that they can defend you no matter how hopeless your situation might feel.


The 2002 ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ has granted the government new ability when it comes to confiscating resources belonging to charged criminal persons or enterprises. We know the techniques that authorities use to make sure they receive the most money possible and we have plentiful knowledge of combatting them.

By building a personalised team which serves your particular requirements, we are able to harness our bundled knowledge to make sure you don’t need to pay a pound more than you have to. We know better than to simply accept the prosecution’s opinion on the criminal revenue you have received.


Having the correct legal assistance when dealing with a serious accusation such as violence or murder is fundamental. It is vital that you get in touch with our solicitors whether you are in Annan or elsewhere the minute you become aware of the allegation so as to raise the odds of the whole thing being settled promptly and discreetly.

In most cases, the police interview will play a critical role in the entire case. Our veteran police station personnel will accompany you through the entire procedure and will guarantee you are in the most robust position possible for the impending trial.


If you suffer a personal injury that was someone else’s fault, then you deserve compensation. Our firm has collaborated with Bonnar Law, the dependable personal injury solicitors, to make certain we can guarantee the greatest prospect of a win. By integrating our knowledge and resources, we’ll maximise the cash you get as a settlement.

Our firm knows that if a major incident has caused the fatality or lasting disability of a family member, then no sum of money will improve your situation, but it can aid with the financial uncertainty that can so frequently result from unfortunate accidents.


Sex crime claims are incredibly serious, and you’ll need to arrange defence without delay. From allegations of misconduct, to rape and paedophilia, they will all trigger considerable stress for the accused as well as their family and friends. No matter the charge, we will give our all to ensure that you obtain the very best outcome.

While allegations of this nature can be complicated to navigate, even though the associated evidence is oftencomparatively unusual, our team has the practical experience required to perform appropriately. The expertise our firm has with regards to sex crime will become clear as the case goes on, and we will help keep you completely informed at all times.


If you are in Annan or elsewhere and are dealing with a criminal charge is difficult and intimdating, irrespective of the criminal offence in question. Having faith that you have got the very best people for the job supporting you, however, will make the whole process significantly more manageable.

At Aamer Anwar Law and Co, we have made the effort to ensure that we have the depth of understanding and expertise within our Glasgow solicitors firm to give fantastic representation across numerous categories of crime.

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The intricacy of employment law means that it is not unusual for employers to find themselves in civil courts or tribunals. At that stage, it is vital that you organise reliable representation. Our employment law team of Glasgow solicitors can physically represent you, and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as it can.

Moreover, we often provide help and support to HR departments, who could use some help negotiating the ins and outs of tricky employment law. From recruitment/hiring to terminations and internal investigations, our team will guarantee that you stay on the legal side of the law throughout.


Our Glasgow solicitors practice has strived to establish its reputation as leading the pack in regards to negotiating immigration laws for individuals all over Scotland. We have been successful in a huge number of cases both for individuals and commercial clientele, regardless of how difficult the issue may seem to be.

Obtaining the right to residence in Britain can be a costly and lengthy procedure. Obviously, it is far from something that you would want to go through twice. We will customise our service to match your particular situation. Our immigration lawyers will help to make sure you get a win the first time whether you are in Annan or somewhere else.|When going through a pricey process, like applying for residency or citizenship in the UK, it is vital you receive the outcome you want on your first attempt. This is the reason our expertise is so important; by developing a strategy tailored to your unique circumstances, we will provide you with the very best chance of success whether you are in Annan or somewhere else.}


Once in a while a political cause develops which is worth making a sacrifice for. As a politically active law firm, we know this a lot more than most, and have experienced upfront the intimidation techniques that law enforcement can employ to discourage peaceful protests.

We are proud to say that our company is the first that many political activists reach out to when they are dealing with legal consequences. Standing for political causes is at the centre of our business philosophy, and you can be confident that our Glasgow solicitors will stand by you from beginning to end whenever you need us.|Because of our brilliant record and reputation for our engagement with politics, many activists facing legal repercussions come to us for representation. Making a stand for people’s right to lawful demonstration is important to our Glasgow solicitors, and by utilising the combination of this passion and our practical knowledge, you can be positive your situation is in safe hands.}


Due to our comprehensive familiarity with the ins and outs of law and the legal process, we are often hired to review a case and figure out if an appeal has a chance. Our experience over the years in effectively carrying out appeals has placed us in an unparalleled position to produce a win.

Our solicitors in Glasgow will pursue each and every opportunity for appeal, which means we will examine whether you benefitted from proper representation, trying to find new evidence which was unavailable for your first trial, and working alongside Scotland’s most effective appeal specialists to make sure that you receive the treatment you are due.


Issues relating to licensing cripples countless workers and companies throughout Great Britain each and every year. Whether you are in Annan or elsewhere and need to secure your right to sell alcohol, a taxi driver sacrificing work on account of troubles with your permit to operate, or a private operation with an industry-specific difficulty, you can depend on us to remedy the situation.

Our Glasgow solicitors are dedicated to ensuring you are fully up to date over the entire application process, and possess the working experience to supply sound and sensible advice to assist with your case. When required, our lawyers will even handle your case at council meetings and Burgh Halls.


Many organisations retain the services of very capable and trustworthy lawyers to serve their daily demands, but this does not mean they are at all qualified to protect you against criminal allegations. Corporate (or ‘white collar’) crime necessitates a specialist touch. It is very different when compared to ‘traditional’ crime, and demands specific knowledge within this discipline of criminal law.

Employing our fraud specialists Glasgow solicitors as well as their access to the nation’s foremost forensic accountants as well as tax and IT professionals, we will build a team who’ll be perfectly capable of picking apart the case of whichever prosecution body is seeking to charge you.


Terrorism is increasingly becoming the story {of this era}, and it doesn’t seem to be changing at all. In the government’s endeavor to put an end to this violence, many innocent citizens have been falsely charged and occasionally found guilty.

In order to address this injustice, our solicitors have taken measures to place our firm at the forefront of terrorist law criminal defence. By getting to know the fresh offences, along with the new powers available to the police, we can suppress this expanding amount of harassment making certain liberties are preserved.


Electronic crimes are a fairly modern addition of law, which many firms have failed to take the time to fully learn and appreciate it. We have developed a specialist group of solicitors in Glasgow who have the technical, legal, and focused expertise they require to secure results for clients across Scotland, in Annan and elsewhere.

Cybercrime is an all-encompassing phrase which includes a selection of offences like online stalking/harassment, hacking, and possession of indecent images. Aamer Anwar and Co’s lawyers will work closely with you and, whenever required, any appropriate technological specialists we are connected with, to guarantee you receive a powerful defence.


In the event of accidental death, there will be a compulsory investigation concerning the circumstances which produced the fatality. If you, or your company, is ‘invited’ to one of these inquiries, it is essential you employ appropriate legal support as soon as possible.

You may not always be facing any type of repercussions , but you also could be without adequate advice. You will be asked concerning the precise factors behind the accident, as well as your familiarity with any related regulations. With no aid, you can leave yourself vulnerable to backlashes.


Thanks to the media’s race to announce the news first, innocent reputations are often damaged as a result. Our Glasgow solicitors have met substantial success in cases like this, by either blocking the story from being circulated completely or by managing the fallout when the event has already happened.

There are several elements that media law firms have got to take into account, and certain circumstances differ from situation to situation. Because of this, we offer tailored strategies to allow for your specific needs and spending plan. Our dedicated team of specialists will ensure that your good reputation obtains the protection it deserves.


Whatever drug-related criminal charge you have been allegedly involved with, you can be certain we hold the comprehension and practical experience to defend you properly. From smaller charges such as possession to more extreme charges of supply, our team will do anything required of them to make sure you get the best result possible.

Drug charges can lead to hefty prison sentences, even for small violations, and so it is critical that you get hold of one of our drug criminal lawyers who have the complete power of our considerable assets behind them.


There are lots of traffic-related offences which will quickly place you in front of a judge, and competent guidance is critical when it comes to protecting your license. Whether you have been charged with bad/dangerous driving, driving while intoxicated, or any other offence such as driving without insurance or a license, if you are in Annan or somewhere else our traffic law specialist solicitors in Glasgow will have working experience in managing the particular charge.

Our organisation also specialises in working with the taxi industry. It is far from unusual for drivers to lose their income for simply attempting to do their job, and it is vital that you receive the right legal support.


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